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1/15 enterprises still vulnerable to SolarWinds – Security Magazine

Randori released a report that identifies the most tempting internet-exposed assets that an attacker is likely to go after.
Randori used proprietary data model that assigns each asset a unique attacker Temptation Score. The report then determines the prevalence of those highly tempting assets on enterprise attack surfaces globally.
Leading up to the anniversary of the SolarWinds hack, and after a very tumultuous year in cybersecurity — especially with ransomware and supply chain attacks — the 2021 Attack Surface Management Report: the Internet’s Most Tempting Targets provides insights about attack surfaces into actionable data and advice  
Top Trends include: 
 “I’d wager the remaining vulnerable SolarWinds instances are there because of ignorance, not negligence. Organizations struggle to know what they have exposed on the internet. Cloud migration and the work-from-home boom dramatically increased the number of exposed assets, and people can no longer rely on existing security strategies to understand their attack surface,” said David Wolpoff, CTO and cofounder Randori. “Many assume prioritizing based on vulnerability severity will keep you safe.  But that’s simply not true. Attackers think differently, and vulnerability severity is just one of many factors weighed by an attacker. Our hope with releasing this report is that people will get deeper into the attacker’s mindset, apply attacker logic to their security programs, and get one step ahead.” 
Read the full Attack Surface Management Report for a comprehensive analysis on the most tempting assets and to take a deep dive into the six attributes an attacker considers when determining what assets to go after.
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