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67% of utility applications have serious vulnerabilities | 2021-05-27 – Security Magazine

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With the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attacks that caused widespread East Coast fuel shortages still fresh in our minds, new WhiteHat Security research has found that application specific attacks are equally, if not more, likely than ransomware attacks.
WhiteHat Security published their latest installment of the AppSec Stats Flash report and podcast, surveying the current state of the application security and wider threat landscape. This month the company found the Window of Exposure, a key metric indicative of breach exposure, for applications in the Utilities Sector increased from 55% to 67% since the start of the year, making applications in the sector the second most vulnerable behind Public Administration applications. This means that, much like we have already witnessed with Colonial Pipeline Company, at least 67% of Utility Sector applications have at least 1 serious exploitable vulnerability open throughout the year.
More details on this month’s statistical data and findings include:
Key Takeaways:
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