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9 easy and healthy ways to fast during Navratri – Lifestyle Asia India

Chaitra Navratri has kickstarted, and everyone has already begun to blend into the vibe of the nine special days. Each day is dedicated to goddess Durga’s nine forms, and one of the major elements of this auspicious festival is fasting. It is an integral part of Navratri where people avoid having non-vegetarian meals, alcohol, and switch to sattvic food.
Fasting for nine days might seem quite challenging, but it totally depends on how you are planning your meals. If you avoid fried foods, overeating and dehydration, then it is rather easy to observe fasts, aka vrats, for the festival. Therefore, we have enlisted below a list of a few essential tips for you to bookmark that will help you fast healthily.
It is extremely necessary to stay hydrated. Besides water, have coconut water, lemon juice and buttermilk. Although a lot of people do consume caffeine during Navratri but substitute it with green tea. These healthy drinks will keep your digestive system intact amidst the fasting period and the scorching heat.
One of the reasons to fast during Navratri is to detoxify your body. Therefore, avoid complicated, unhealthy recipes and switch to sattvic food such as fruits and healthy greens. Water-filled vegetables like bottle gourd, pumpkin, cucumber, and spinach are some of the best options. Meanwhile, have watermelons, bananas or papayas in fruits. The diet will not only keep you satisfied but will also help clean your body from the inside.
One of the major mistakes people make while fasting is overeating. Avoid a long gap between meals and say no to binge-eating. This can not only have adverse effects on your health but can also lead to unhealthy weight gain. Therefore, keep having small portions throughout the day like some fruits, nuts, and healthy juices to keep away from overeating during the proper mealtime.
Since Navratri is the 9-day festival to fast, people often take their food habits lightly. That can result in a sudden change in your physical health. Therefore, instead of snacking randomly, try and plan your meal for the day. Add all types of nutritious food items like fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans to your meal to make it a proper one.
Fasting once in a while is a way to keep your body healthy and get rid of toxins. But if you plan to consume fried foods, then it will result in sudden weight gain and will directly increase your cholesterol. Of course, you can have kuttu puries once in a while but stay away from items that are high in fat and sugar. Try replacing full cream milk with buttermilk and switch to healthy makhanas or fruit chaat from oily snacks.
It is a common myth that fasting means starving yourself. A number of people tend to avoid eating food at a proper planned time and hence end up deteriorating their health. Not eating for a long period of hours can lead to weakness, anaemia, fatigue and even headaches. Therefore, as mentioned above, keep having small portions throughout the day to get going. You can keep a few finger foods handy like nuts, seeds or fruits.
Fasting can change your daily routine and therefore your body undergoes a few challenges. One of them can be you might feel sleepy or dizzy during the day, Therefore, it is recommended that you have enough sleep time every night to avoid health hazards. And especially if your profession involves rigorous physical effort, then it is even more necessary to scoop out at least 7-8 hours of snooze time in 24 hours.
Exercising is equally important during fasting just like every other day. Just because it’s Navratri doesn’t mean you need to cheat on your exercise routine. If not high-intensity training, you can always opt for low energy workouts which keep your body’s metabolism intact. Also, low-intensity workouts are great for uplifting your mood and increasing your body’s blood circulation levels.
Amidst fasting, planning meals and taking care of their physical health, one can miss dealing with mental health. It is important to keep a check on your happiness, after all, festivals are all about positivity. Despite following a tight schedule, always take time out for meditation and rest in order to keep stress at bay.
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