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A Stitching Of You For A Healing That's True! – Thrive Global

Since the age of 6 I had been knitting. It is one of the facets of creativity instilled in me by my mother. It is at this tender age, where I knitted my first vest. Hearing the subtle praise and surprise from my assistant P.E. teacher, Mrs. Bradley, at being able to knit this at such a young age, confirmed that what I produced was from a world of magic. Every Saturday, as a little girl, Mom and I traveled to A Touch Of Wool, owned by Mrs. Virginia. It was a special place, which housed yarn from all over the world. In the back area was a special knitting area. A place where I went for my knitting lessons, while knitting with other women, including my mother. Conversations held and lessons learned in just the culture of learning together from other women.
There is just something so poetic and holistic about knitting. So endearing and nurturing. Each knit, every pearl, affirms that an energy has been designed. Whatever invisible pattern, or artistic design, which exists, is captured in the stitching of knitting. One of the auspicious aspects of knitting is how it allows one to center themselves. You learn things about yourself. Observing your movement patterns. How your hands move. The way you craft pieces of yarn together. Its all part of that fascination. That mystery in observing one of the many facets of creativity, in motion.
In addition, in the initial artistry of knitting, one learns about rhythm. Finding one’s own rhythm, while allowing rhythm to take shape. It is a true artistry. Between mothers and daughters, you learn if their rhythms are the same or different. Either way, they still find a way to be complementary. The missing pieces of the puzzle! It is a real joy to understand how a daughter’s essence continues to align with her mother’s, even if they are different. It is a spiritual awakening. A herstory and matrilineal pattern between mother and daughter. Somehow knitting as that power for women to keep track of their herstory book. Keeping alive all of the women who have transitioned; while connecting and nurturing those, who still walk Earth’s planes.
Knitting teaches a woman different facets of her Being. Her style. The colors she likes. Her myriad styles of fashion. My weekly visits to A Touch Of Wool exposed me to different women. Professionals. Mothers. The Regulars. And, the new faces. Through knitting you learned their stories. Their personal journeys and how they navigated this thing called. . .life. Lessons adult women were willing to teach a little girl. I looked forward to every Saturday. There was always a new adventure to partake in. A new lesson to be learned. A new energy to be explored. And a new problem to grapple with. It was not always a straight breeze. For example, there were those times when I had “dropped a stitch,” creating a hole and disrupting the pattern for the sweater, hat, or piece I was working on. The agony and disappointment of having to undo previous work in order to fix that mistake, was frustrating. Yet, it was a very important lesson. A lesson on patience. That work must be of high quality. Of high value. One of the values for womanhood. . .of being able to nourish the attributes of doing one’s very best-even if it means we have to backtrack a few steps. Or a whole mile. At the end, our hard work will be well worth it.
One of the things about the craft and art of knitting is how it links the different rhythmic patterns of women, together. No matter how women move in our artistry, and link up in our movement patterns, somehow they seem to come together. These patterns move together in a nourishing alignment. It is truly precious. Knitting has that power. Furthermore, it is a healing anecdote for women to use women’s spaces as sources healing. There is power in these women’s spaces. And when women channel into this holistic energy, it is a powerful force.
Another quality of knitting is how it brought forth a nourishing factor in mastering time. Every time I entered A Touch Of Wool, there was the feeling of going through a period of lessons learned. A lesson where every woman, present, experienced the power of listening. Of acknowledging each woman’s story. It was a magical aura, indeed. Not only was it breathtaking, but it served as a unique purpose. A purpose in recognizing each woman, who entered into that space. Observing their difference, their details, and appreciating that feminine presence. Her persona was reflected in her stitching. In the final product of the different yarn pieces that she had crafted together. It was fascinating! It also showcased the power for women to channel holistic energy to, and through, other women. Connecting women to that vibrant energy, which keeps our planet in motion.
One of the beauties of knitting is that one is never too young, or too old to learn. During those periods when we have stopped knitting, we can always pick it back up again. The holistic energy of the feminine persuasion in constant. It continues to exist, even when we have distanced ourselves from it. All we have to do is stitch our image, and ourselves, right back in!
Visiting A Touch Of Wool meant that I was exposed to the different textures, designs, and presentations of yarn from around the world. I most likely remember yarn textures from Europe, New Zealand, the USA, and others. Yet, it was a telling moment. It solidified the reality that women, the world over, are in tuned to this majestic artistry. The ability to create from difference is a definite reality. The different fabrics, and textures, from all over the world, provides insight into the different artistries of womanhood. It is beautiful! A wondrous playground! How woman are able to leave their cultural and personal stories, through the artistry of knitting is a wonder in its own right. Knitting is a heaven’s artistry. Furthermore it is a way for mothers to guide their daughters to that perfect stitch. For daughters to circle mothers back to the fabric of pearls.
Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren K. Clark came to Cairo, Egypt for her graduate studies in Gender & Women’s Studies/Migration and Refugee Studies. A writer, published in 6 countries, project coordinator, working with refugee/migrant children, and just enjoying the magic and power of life. The world of theater is her therapy, and the performing arts lavishes her world! Enthralled with the mysteries of the Universe, and all the beauties, Creation has to offer.


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