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Adobe Announces Express Content Scheduler – We are Social Media

Adobe has announced Adobe Express Content Scheduler, a new tool to help social media managers make, plan, preview, and publish content.
Following ContentCal’s acquisition back in December, Adobe has integrated the marketing tool’s technology and user experience into Express Content Scheduler, a new tool for social media and content managers.
Adobe says it’s looking to give people a “single place to make, plan, preview, and publish standout content on social media.” Content Scheduler is only “the first round” of such capabilities in Express.
Create and plan themes, topics, and campaigns for your social media presence with several tools that will help you draft and prepare your content for publication. You’re in luck if you were used to ContentCal’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop calendar. Within Content Scheduler, you can see and manage your social cadence effectively.
Schedule your content publication at the perfect time. Apart from helping you manage your time better, setting the right time to post your content ensures that you reach as many people as possible – at the right time.
Preview any individual social post you’ve scheduled. Preview mode shows you what your audience will see when they see your content live in their social feeds.
Publish across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Adobe Express Content Scheduler saves you time by letting you publish to three platforms at once from within the app.

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You can get Content Scheduler through the Adobe Express premium plan, which gives you unlimited posting through one calendar. However, you can only connect up to three social profiles per plan. You’ll be limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles, so you’re out of luck if you manage brands on other social platforms.
Adobe says that more features are planned, like analytics and recommendations and support for more platforms, but we don’t know when they might land.
Another limitation is that the full capabilities of Content Scheduler are only available on the Express web app. Again, this is something Adobe promises to address soon. Of course, you can always sign up for a 30-day premium trial to test it out.

Featured image: Adobe Express

Featured image: Adobe Express

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