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“I think that that's an obligation of each leader … to make sure that we're having some good impact on the world" | Ctech – CTech

20-Minute Leaders
To achieve big success, Yam Regev believes you need to be surrounded by other successful people, like bricks built into a wall together. Someone else’s success adds to yours rather than subtracting from it. This is the model he has used to reach his own success, which includes being a sole entrepreneur, joining a growth-stage startup, and co-founding a company. He is currently VP of marketing at Elementor. Even with all that Regev has had on his plate, he has set aside about 10 percent of his time each week to help other entrepreneurs and leaders as needed. His specialty is marketing, which he was drawn to because he understood the human thinking behind it and the ability to influence others. But he advises marketers to use their influence wisely and empathetically to help people improve their lives.


















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