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New Adobe Express Innovations Make Content Creation Easy, Fun and More Productive – Yahoo Finance

Decades of Adobe’s creative technology, AI innovations and unparalleled assets power Adobe Express to let anyone create, edit, customize, schedule and share standout content
Workflows across Adobe Express and Creative Cloud apps deliver professional-looking content
Adobe Express now reaches 43 million K-12 teachers and students globally
Adobe Express for Nonprofits now offers global nonprofits free access to the tools and resources they need to create impactful content
LOS ANGELES, October 18, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) shared at Adobe MAX – the world’s largest creativity conference – the latest innovations for Adobe Express, the template-based web and mobile tool, that allows creators to easily make, edit and share standout content anywhere, anytime.
With Adobe Express, everyone from students and small business owners to marketers and creative professionals, can create a logo, build a social media campaign, refresh their resume, design a flyer or banner and make a standout school project. Through Adobe’s unparalleled content collection, Adobe Express provides creators with over 22,000 licensed Adobe Fonts and 193 million assets including templates and royalty-free Adobe Stock images.
Many Adobe Express customers also use Creative Cloud applications or work with designers who do. Now, Adobe Express streamlines these workflows with Adobe Creative Cloud applications through Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. Creative Cloud users can access their documents, assets and more across Creative Cloud apps, to make edits and create new content in several different sizes and formats. After creating across apps, Adobe Express enables users to publish and schedule their content across social platforms.
"Adobe Express leverages decades of Adobe innovation to empower users to build content that stands out with high-quality, curated assets and templates, workflows with Creative Cloud apps and an incredible feature set powered by Adobe Sensei," said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president, Creative Cloud at Adobe. "When you need speed and ease to edit an image, trim a video and craft or publish a social media post, Adobe Express is the perfect tool for any creator."
With new features frequently being rolled out, Adobe Express creators will soon enjoy expanded video editing powers with a new mixed-media editor, Generative AI capabilities to help generate unique fonts, images and new backgrounds, and new opportunities to collaborate with other creators across other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, delivering greater productivity. Recently added innovations in Adobe Express include:
Quick Actions, making it easy for users to quickly remove background features from photos, refine cutouts, trim and merge videos, turn videos into GIFs, create QR codes and convert/export PDFs in a few clicks.
AI-Driven Template Recommendations, delivering customized collections of relevant templates based on the project already being worked on.
Content Scheduler, giving users the ability to collaborate, plan, schedule, preview and publish social media content across platforms – all from one place.
Multi-Page Capabilities, providing the ability to create multiple social media assets, logos, banners, flyers and more, easily adding consistent branding to each page.
Advanced Search Discovery and Recommendations, enabling users to search and receive guidance on fonts, color palettes and themes based on the projects they are working on.
New Partnerships
Adobe Express is teaming up with Wix, a global leader in helping creators and businesses create, manage and grow their business, to explore opportunities to bring the best of Adobe Express and the Wix platform to both user bases. Users will be able to use the Wix Media Manager to polish images for their web pages and then seamlessly enhance the editing process through a seamless integration with Adobe Express to add effects, animation, text, shape, icons and more, right where they are already working.
To help small business owners easily and confidently grow their businesses online, Adobe also teamed up with Meta on Express Your Brand, enabling small businesses to grow their online presence using Adobe Express. The training program provides free resources, tools and community support for a diverse community of small businesses.
Adobe Express is also partnering with leading learning platforms, to accelerate creative and digital literacy skills for students of all ages. Student-first connected educational platform Chegg is now making Adobe Express premium available to eight million online students, supporting them in their journeys from high school to college and careers.
Adobe Express for Education
For students and teachers in the classroom, the latest version of Adobe Express for Education with new AI-powered features makes it easy to design stunning presentations, create attention-grabbing web pages, make captivating video presentations, flyers, flashcards and more. Specially designed learning programs and partnerships give students free access to the latest Adobe technologies and resources, fostering new collaboration, communication and creative skills.
Free for K-12 students and teachers, Adobe Express for Education now reaches 43 million K-12 students and teachers across thousands of educational organizations globally. To facilitate use of Adobe tools within classrooms, Adobe now also supports Adobe Express add-ons for Google Classroom, Canvas, Clever and ClassLink. Adobe Express also integrates with popular EdTech solutions and can be easily accessed by entire classrooms through Google and Microsoft Teams single sign-on (SSO).
Adobe Express for Nonprofits
Adobe is harnessing its creative and technological strengths with a new global offering, Adobe Express for Nonprofits. Adobe Express for Nonprofits gives up to 10 users Adobe Express premium for free and includes access to purpose-focused templates and multiple tutorial videos, enabling the world’s 10 million+ nonprofits to accelerate their mission, engage donors, reach more people and ultimately drive great impact.
About Adobe
Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. For more information, visit www.adobe.com.
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