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I DO not find anything wrong with believing in ourselves. Aside from trusting our judgment, it gives us the feeling of our worth and helps us achieve our goals. But what if we have that overconfidence? Will it still be helping us best?
When we are confident, it may mean that we are comfortable with who we are, being aware of our worth. However, what is too much of anything can be harmful. Confident people who think they are the best, most skilled, and the only one who knows about anything can be detrimental. It is so shaming to claim we are an expert when in the end, even from the beginning, we were wrong.
The worst is when we continually justify our actions to prove we are the best. Remember that confidence does not mean demeaning others who can do better than us but acknowledging we can never always be the best.
If we cannot accept that it is essential to listen to others' views and that whatever knowledge and skills, we have right now may need upgrading, as it is an investment over the changing time, then we might appear to others as trying hard. I have to say this, but whenever we think and challenge others that we are always the best, the tendency is that someone will appear to prove us wrong.
At times we push on something, and we are wrong. It may be a lifetime of dismay when we have released our thoughts and opinions with certainty without entertaining others' views and then later proven wrong. It is always important to listen, listen and listen to others because we might have only been listening to our own false beliefs.
Overconfidence, I must say that at times can help us perform our complex tasks. But then again, when we are overwhelmed by our belief that we are good at anything and that we never go wrong, there is a tendency to give less effort to our goals. We no longer have the extra effort to invest our time checking if we are doing our tasks right—such a bad attitude of believing that we have control over all things when we cannot.
Oh yes, we all have tendencies to have miscalibrated confidence, and it may hurt me, you, and others. Confidence is good, but when we have too much of it, we might miss seeing that we can be wrong and that others are right. Also, we can make bad decisions and fail to welcome learning opportunities when we are overconfident. Ahh, I guess acknowledging that we do not know all is the road to learning more. Let us all stay humble!


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