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Period acne: Causes and tips to prevent it – Hindustan Times

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Everyone despises cramping during their period. However, bloating, cramps, mood swings, and acne can all worsen period pain. A fluctuation in hormone levels is also responsible for your moodiness, sore breasts, and other PMS-related symptoms, in addition to acne. Your hormone levels change throughout your menstrual cycle. This may cause acne flare-ups to occur during your period. Menstrual acne is a monthly outbreak of pimples that occurs at the same time as menstruation. Premenstrual flare-ups are reported by 63% of acne-prone women, according to research in the Archives of Dermatology. They often appear seven to ten days before the start of a woman’s period and disappear as soon as bleeding starts. (Also read: Bacne: What is it and how can you get rid of it )
Acne Specialist, Sera Young, suggested causes and tips to prevent acne during periods in her Instagram post.
Causes of period acne:
Menstrual phase: During menstruation, your estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest which may lead to dryness, dull skin, and make wrinkles appear more prominent.
Follicular Phase: This phase is the first 10-16 days of your cycle. Your estrogen levels are going to slowly start to rise to create a very beautiful glow. Your estrogen levels will start to peak in this phase and your testosterone will slowly start to rise which will increase moisture and collagen production.
Ovulation: Ovulation will occur around the 14-day mark. Your skin will appear healthy until your Testosterone and Estrogen begin to decrease. Then, your Progesterone levels will increase causing oil production to occur within the skin. This phase will be critical to your skin as you will be more prone to bacteria overgrowth and acne.
Luteal Phase: It is the phase most women will complain about acne or skin changes with. This is the premenstrual cycle and is known to cause hormone imbalances. Your skin will see an influx of oil, swelling, inflammation, and irritation.
Skin care tips for different phases of periods:
Menstrual phase: In this phase it is recommended to make hydration your first goal and keep it gentle. This will help keep your skin from getting dehydrated or dry. Along with promoting a healthy barrier.
Follicular Phase: Your skin will be at its healthiest in this phase so keep up with a good routine and use exfoliation.
Ovulation: In this phase have good hygiene, focus on products that can fight against acne, and keep it hydrated.
Luteal Phase: The best thing you can do is work on your internal health by eating well (foods rich in fiber), minimising sugar and caffeine intake, light makeup, having a good routine that you stick to, and icing.
Signs of period acne:
How to help period acne:
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