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Thoughtful gifting: unique and useful wedding gifts | Free Malaysia Today – Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: Wedding season is here and couples who had to put their wedding plans on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic are finally able to celebrate their union in a big way.
The bride and groom may think that your only job is to show up looking good and savour the spread they prepared for you, but you know better.
A wedding gift that reflects your affection for them and which appeals to both the bride and groom’s tastes is in order.
After the lockdowns, health fears and financial hardships of the pandemic, why not let healing and recovery be your focus when choosing a gift?
The time for fancy silverware and toasters is past. How about gifts that encourage self-care and closeness. After all, no one will appreciate a gift that enhances intimacy more than a newly wedded couple.
Skin care for him and her
Skin care products are a great gift if you know the bride and groom well enough to choose their favourite brands or preferred scents.
Gifting skin care products gives the couple a reason to develop a skin care routine together, apart from it being a rather intimate and affectionate experience that they can share.
Skin care masks
Couples applying their facial masks together on a lazy Sunday afternoon is a great way to connect after a busy workweek.
Choose something high-end with organic products and anti-allergen properties if the couple is vegan and eco-conscious. Fruity or animal patterned masks are best for a fun couple that likes a good laugh.
Engraved water bottles
Staying hydrated is great for the mood and it helps you stay energetic throughout the day. Plus, reusable water bottles are customisable and you can easily find one to suit the personality of the gift recipients.
A well-insulated and lightweight flask is great for a couple that loves to hike or go camping together. A cute design with markings that indicate litres is perfect for a busy couple who needs the extra help to keep track of their water intake.
Fruit or macaron gift boxes
There are many local sellers on social networks who can hook you up with a beautifully packaged box of chocolates or macarons. For a couple with a sweet tooth, perhaps a box filled with Japanese snacks would be better.
These gift boxes of sweet treats come at different price points and some allow you to curate the items that go into it. It can be a truly memorable gift that you can be sure will be eaten and enjoyed with you in mind.
Premium tea or coffee
So, one only drinks tea and the other coffee. Don’t fret – getting the happy couple a gift is still super easy.
For the tea-drinker, pair a pretty cup and saucer with a premium tea you know the person likes. There are different concentrations and flavours to choose from so just have fun with it.
For the coffee drinker, find the biggest mug you can and pair it with a selection of premium coffee beans that befits the occasion.
Always remember that the most important thing about a gift is that you cared enough to take the time to find something meaningful. Knowing their friends care about them is the perfect gift for any newlywed couple.
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