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VisualSteam Announces Sponsors of its 9th Annual Survey of Creative Professionals: Visual Media & Licensing – PR Web

VisualSteam is pleased to announce the sponsors for its 9th Annual Survey of Creative Professionals: Visual Media Licensing, which will be published this summer. We welcome Dreamstime as this year’s Gold sponsor. Dreamstime is the world's largest stock photo community, supplying high quality digital images, footage and audio at affordable prices to clients in the creative market. The company works with a wide range of companies from independent creatives in the private sector to the Fortune 500. Dreamstime boasts 42 million registered members, more than 800K contributing artists and more than 185 million visual images (incl: photos, illustrations, clipart, vectors). As the Gold sponsor, Dreamtime will be featured on all communications, will be included in the final report with links, and will be provided detailed results with tailored insight on results.
VisualSteam is also excited to announce that Envato Elements is returning for the 3rd year as this year’s Silver Sponsor. Envato Elements puts great design in reach for everyone. Powered by a community of designers, Envato Elements offers high quality image assets, graphics, video, presentation templates, music, and more with one simple, commercial license for a fast and easy experience.
In addition to Dreamstime and Envato Elements, iSPY Visuals also returns this year as a sponsor. iSPY Visuals is the fastest growing search and work platform where creatives can search across platforms, save selects, collaborate and click to purchase from their favorite provider – bring the world of content into one personalized workspace. iSPY makes searching for and working with visual media easy.
VisualSteam offers sponsors access to more than 25000 creative professionals including art, web and graphic designers, photo editors, art producers, marketing professionals, creative directors and publishers. Sponsors are included in all survey communications and the final report, which goes to respondents, creators, licensors and anyone interested in the content market.
“I started this survey 9 years ago because of my love of the content industry and the difficulty getting market intelligence. We are surprised every year by something.” said Leslie Hughes, VisualSteam’s Founder. “Our sponsors are critical to our ability to conduct this research and provide the results at an affordable price.”
This survey explores Creative Professionals’ preferences, needs, and how they see the industry. In year’s past, the survey has identified the rise of free content; the gap between the rising number of images needed and declining budgets, custom stock photography, the need for vertical content, and new competitors providing content in new ways. With last year’s survey, we also started to add context with research and data on markets served – advertising/design, B2C and editorial communications.
We don’t know what this year’s results will tell us but, we are very grateful for the support of our sponsors so we can find out.
For more information, please email sales at visualsteam dot com.
About VisualSteam
VisualSteam (http://www.visualsteam.com) has been driven by the importance of visual storytelling and the explosion of visual content and rich media online. We grew out of the visual content space helping image and video story tellers build content and collections. We have worked with stock agencies, media companies, production companies to expand their content collections and grow their market reach.
In recent years, we have evolved to focus more broadly on strategy and digital transformation. We help companies in all sectors to transform their businesses by leveraging market intelligence, content and technology. We help companies solve complex challenges and find new opportunities to rapidly and profitably grow.
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