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Amalie – Modern Blogging WordPress Theme

Amalie – Modern Blogging WordPress Theme


“Amalie” is a feature rich, designed premium blogging theme built upon the free “Twenty Fifteen” WP theme.

Responsive grid is a standard these days and “Amalie” makes a good use of it to preserve it looks across the whole range of internet capable devices.

As a bonus this theme comes with a couple of custom page templates, color customization options and a top notch Soliloquy slider that will help to further customize the theme.


WordPress Theme

To keep it simple we built it using core WordPress options (pages,post and widgets) to create an easy to use site with a lot of useful features.


“Amalie” features “Jetpack” plugin for WordPress that supercharge your website with the features so far only available for WordPress.com.

Post Formats

This theme uses WordPress feature called “Post Formats”. Using “Post Formats” feature posts can be styled differently and independently of each other. If you want to make your blog post more flexible you can use different kinds of post formats such as image, video or quotes.

Introducing WordPress Theme Customizer

Theme Customization screen (i.e. “Theme Customizer”) allows site admins to tweak theme’s settings and see the preview of those changes in a real time.
You’ll be able to upload your header image, colors (color options), logo or to change the site title and tagline, copyright and more.

If you would like to change theme fonts there is a great FREE plugin we recommend : Easy Google Fonts . This plugin allows you to change Fonts from within the customizer.


  • WordPress Theme Customizer
  • Responsive Design
  • Different page templates
  • Post Formats
  • Theme is styled for “WooCommerce” plugin
  • Soliloquy slider plugin
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • 2 Custom menus – menu and socials


Plugins and Icons:

  • 1. Jetpack: http://jetpack.me/ – plugin for WordPress that supercharge your website with features until now only available on WordPress.com. This plugin is used for the widget visibility, tiled gallery, contact form…
  • 2. Soliloquy Slider with add ons can be found inside the plugins folder
  • 3. WooCommerce: http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/ – used for shop page
  • 4. Genericons: http://genericons.com/

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