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Breeze – Professional Corporate and Portfolio WP


Breeze - Professional Corporate and Portfolio WP - 1

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Breeze - Professional Corporate and Portfolio WP - 2

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NOTE: the theme switcher that you see in the preview is not included in your purchased file, it’s only used in the the Breeze theme preview.

Images kindly provided for this preview by Shinybinary and Jacob Bian. They are not included in the downloadable file and their use outside the preview is strictly forbidden without the author’s permission.


Breeze is a WordPress theme designed with corporate businesses in mind. The theme is also well suited for online portfolios and blogs.

General Features

  • Includes an updated XML file that enables you to import dummy data and placeholder images with examples of slider images, portfolio items, blog posts and all the shortcodes examples. Start your new website with the right foot  :)
  • PDF documentation with screenshots to help you through the installation and customization process
  • Complete and easy to use custom admin panel (CMS) for setting the theme preferences
  • WordPress built in automatic thumbnail generation and image resizing (no more timthumb incompatibilities and no need to set custom fields, all automatic)
  • Available in six languages (front-end only): English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German
  • Translation ready, theme comes with a .PO file with English localization
  • WPML ready, all dynamic fields from the custom admin panel are provided to WPML for translation (use WPML version 1.8.1 or higher)
  • CSS and jQuery Drop Down Menu
  • 2 Home page templates
  • 3 Home page Sliders: Normal Slider, Full Width Slider supporting images up to 1920px width and a new Stage Slider with Text Description and Video support (YouTube, Vimeo, FLV and MP4)
  • A Full Width page template
  • 3 Portfolio templates
  • Portfolio item detail template
  • Blog and Post detail templates
  • Faq and Testimonials shortcodes
  • WordPress Gallery with Lightbox supporting full width pages, pages with sidebar and posts
  • 4 extra HOT page templates to showcase how easy and powerful the different shortcodes are to use
  • Lots of different shortcodes for you to use: Column Layouts, Sliders, Buttons, Info Boxes, Titles, Dropcaps, List Styles, Blockquotes, jQuery Toggles and Tabs, and more
  • 3 Sub-Header variations: Text only, Image only and Image + Text
  • Contact page with validation and fully functional Ajax contact form (3 layers of SPAM protection)
  • 7 specific widget areas as well as an independent dynamic sidebar widget area for every page you create
  • Complete separation from the portfolio and blog
  • Custom widgets for displaying Popular posts, Recent Posts, Twitter, Flickr and fully functional AJAX Contact Form widget
  • 125×125 Ads ready (plugin: WP125)
  • Skins: 5 Light, 5 Dark, 5 Extra Dark and another 3 Unique Skins
  • Transparent Skins: 5 Dark and 5 Extra Dark
  • Possibility to select between 16 different Backgrounds for any of the skins or upload your own
  • Choose between 7 Fonts for your headings (some support all characters)
  • Select between Narrow or Wide content layout
  • So many different skin variations that I can’t even count them  :)
  • Works in all major browsers (not IE 6 compatible and CSS3 features like rounded corners not supported by IE)
  • Styled and built in wp-pagenavi plugin used for pagination
  • Threaded Comments and Gravatar ready
  • Valid XHTML and CSS code
  • SEO Friendly


Version 2.7 – 2014/04/18

  • Fix – Fixed shortcodes button in WordPress 3.9+ while maintaining backwards compatibility with earlier versions of WordPress

Version 2.6 – 2012/10/15

  • Fixed a bug in the Twitter widget and shortcode to reflect the recent changes in the Twitter 1.1 API

Version 2.5 – 2011/06/08

  • Fixed a bug in the portfolio items where the “no lightbox” option was being ignored if a video url was set.
  • Fixed a bug in the Twitter widget and shortcode where the time frame of the tweet was calculated wrong as well as the link to the tweet status page.
  • Embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos using the shortcode now properly displays them in mobile devices using the YouTube and Vimeo HTML5 players.
  • Fixed a bug in the sub-header image of a search page if the first search result was a portfolio item.

Version 2.4 – 2011/04/20

  • Fixed a bug in the theme update notifier displaying errors every time the remote XML in my server wasn’t accessible (happened recently when MediaTemple’s nameservers were down). If my server is not accessible for some reason, the theme won’t output any errors and everything will work normally as it should.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the WordPress Media Library from displaying search results.
  • Fixed a bug where some images were not displaying properly in FireFox 4.

Version 2.3 – 2011/04/14

  • Fixed HTML5 video player IE9 compatibility.
  • Some theme installations were having problems with the Tab shortcode not working as intended in some hosting environments so a fix as been applied.
  • When using the shortcode to display FLV or MP4 videos without autoplaying, you can now set the splash thumbnail image instead of it just showing a grey background with the play button.
  • When using the home page stage slider to display FLV or MP4 videos without autoplaying, you can now set the splash thumbnail image instead of it just showing a grey background with the play button.
  • Added the new version of the prettyPhoto 3.1 plugin as well as set the new default theme.
  • Updated the shortcode tool with better column shortcode presets as well as the new shortcodes introduced in this update.
  • Merged all the JavaScript theme dependencies in one single file for performance improvements. All scripts were also minified. The theme’s custom scripts in screen.js and the file itself were kept unaltered.
  • Added a new [map] shortcode for displaying interactive Google Maps.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the theme update notifier causing the new WordPress admin bar to not show in some cases.
  • You can now edit the default portfolio item text content in the theme admin panel.
  • Added Tweet and Facebook Like buttons to the blog post detail page. Their visibility is controlled in the theme’s admin panel.
  • Added Tweet and Facebook Like buttons to the portfolio items detail page. Their visibility is controlled in the theme’s admin panel.
  • Search results now display the excerpt summary instead of the entire page or post.
  • You now have the option to not display the portfolio listing image in the portfolio detail page.
  • The already available Recent Posts, Popular Posts, Twitter and Flickr widgets are now also available as shortcodes for easy placement inside pages and posts.
  • Just like the 3 and 4 column portfolios, you now have the option of enabling jQuery category filtering in the 1 Column Portfolio template.
  • Applied a minor fix to the Contact page template and Contact form widget that could cause problems in some hosting environments (php shorthand tags).
  • Fixed a minor bug on the [image] shortcode not aligning left or right correctly when having an image without a hyperlink.

Version 2.2 – 2011/03/14

  • The theme is now compatible with IE9
  • Fixed a bug regarding the theme update notifier causing blank WordPress admin screen after login in some hosting environments
  • Fixed a bug where the footer widgets container was being displayed in IE7 even when no widget was added
  • Fixed a bug in the dynamic 3 home boxes when translated with WMPL

Version 2.1 – 2011/02/21

  • Added a new page template with a Left Sidebar
  • Fixed a bug preventing WordPress from inserting images into posts (default WordPress functionality)
  • Fixed a bug preventing shortcodes from being correctly parsed in the 3 Home Boxes

Version 2.0 – 2011/02/15

  • Added a new [lightbox] shortcode so that you can now have virtually any element open a lightbox with images, videos, inline content and external sites
  • Added a new shortcode so that you can now have YouTube, Vimeo, FLV and HTML5 (MP4, WEBM and OGG) videos in the pages and posts body
  • Added new parameters to the [image] shortcode: align (left, right, center) and group (used to group images for lightbox navigation)
  • Added a new [highlight] shortcode with 2 color variations
  • Added the following new column shortcodes: [one_fifth], [two_fifth], [three_fifth] and [four_fifth]
  • Fixed several cross-browser issues with the buttons and added the functionality to set the link in a [button] shortcode to open in a new window. You can now also create a button with any background and text color you want (hover background and text colors also customizable), check theme demo or documentation for the new parameters and examples
  • Updated prettyPhoto Lightbox jQuery plugin to the latest version (3.0.1) which will possibly allow for Vimeo videos in mobile devices using HTML5 video
  • Updated the theme to use the latest jQuery version (1.4.4) since prettyPhoto was updated too
  • Added the feature to sort the category filter buttons on the 3 and 4 columns portfolio pages
  • Up till this update, the blog and portfolio posts inherited the sub-header title and image from the blog and portfolio page respectively, without letting you control them in individual posts. You can now override individual sub-header titles and images in blog and portfolio posts, like you could already override several images in different places of the theme
  • Breeze now has an update notifier in the WordPress admin area every time there’s a new version of the theme available for download
  • Added widgetized footer area with 4 columns (if you don’t add any footer widget, you won’t notice any change in your existing site’s footer design)
  • Added 3 layers of SPAM protection to the Contact Page form and the Contact Widget form. There is no intrusive CAPTCHA, instead there are 2 coded protections to try and prevent bot SPAM as well as Akismet SPAM filtering if Akismet WordPress plugin is installed with a valid key. Foreign characters not properly encoded in emails was also fixed
  • New Flickr widget that lets you display up to 18 images from a Flickr ID
  • Fixed a bug in the “Read more” link top margin when displaying full posts in the blog listing
  • Fixed a bug in the stage slider causing an HTML validation problem
  • Fixed a bug when displaying Vimeo videos in the lightbox with a custom width and height
  • Fixed a bug in the Twitter widget concerning the link to the tweet
  • Fixed a bug where a page or post would display blank when too many shortcodes were being used. Also, fixed unexpected line breaks when using the majority of the shortcodes
  • Because of the new Shortcodes, you need to update the file responsible for easily adding shortcodes in the WordPress built-in text editor

Version 1.12 – 2010/11/16

  • Fixed a bug regarding jQuery 1.4.4 and the jQuery prettyPhoto lightbox plugin preventing images from displaying in lightboxes

Version 1.11 – 2010/11/06

  • SEO improvements concerning H1 tags. H1 tags are now present in the title of the sub-header as well as the title of the single posts in the blog (previously the H1 tag was assigned to the logo title and was the same in all pages)
  • Fixed a bug in the stage slider causing a validation problem with video “autoplay” attribute (it’s a reserved attribute for the HTML5 “video” tag)
  • You can now add toggles opened by default using the attribute open=”true”

Version 1.10 – 2010/10/20

  • You are now able to turn off autoplay in the home page stage slider videos. This is an individual per video setting which means you choose what videos to autoplay or not
  • New gallery option added to how to display images in the portfolio detail. You have 4 options now: don’t display images, slider, big images or gallery
  • You are now able to turn off body background image repeat from the Breeze Admin Panel
  • Vimeo and YouTube videos in the lightbox now display the fullscreen option button
  • Fixed a bug in the Twitter link “XX days ago”, it now properly links to the Twitter status URL

Version 1.9 – 2010/10/04

  • You are now able to add Shortcodes from the Rich Text Editor in WordPress. Click the Shortcode icon and you’ll be presented with all the shortcodes to choose from
  • New Price Table shortcode available
  • Column Shortcodes now behave properly inside default pages with sidebar
  • Added a missing string for translation regarding the comment count when viewing a single post
  • Added the post page links feature which means you can now paginate your single posts using the WordPress tag “nextpage”
  • When creating a Portfolio page you are now able to select empty portfolio categories
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases prevented the changing of page number in a home page blog
  • Fixed a bug in the lightbox icon being out of place in floated images (also improved lightbox icon code in all browsers, much cleaner solution now)
  • Fixed a bug in the breadcrumbs not showing properly when using pagination in the home page with no slider

Version 1.8 – 2010/09/16

  • New lightbox video playback formats. You are now able to play FLV and MP4 videos directly in a lightbox anywhere on your pages
  • Fixed a bug in the top navigation menu hiding behind the stage slider videos
  • Fixed a bug in the fullwith page template where floated elements were not being cleared properly (tabs for example)
  • If you exced Twitter API 150 request limit (very normal in shared hosting environments), the last cached tweets will now display instead of displaying “No tweets found”
  • Fixed a bug where Tabs sometimes were not being cleared properly and overlaped the container (info box for example)
  • Fixed a bug where toggles were ignoring the bottom margin in IE8

Version 1.7 – 2010/09/15

  • Added a new Home Page Stage Slider with text description and Video playback support. The stage slider is available in 2 sizes for you to choose from and the supported video formats are YouTube, Vimeo, FLV and MP4. Adding a video to the stage slider is as easy as pasting a video URL and the theme takes care of the rest (no need to paste all that scary embedding object code, just a URL). Also the stage slider transitions are automatic, it goes to the next slide when the video in the current slide finishes playing
  • Fixed a bug on the logo placement in IE7 (was being pushed a few pixels to the top)
  • Added a “Leave a comment” link to the full post blog template

Version 1.6 – 2010/09/05

  • Added cURL support for the Twitter widget which will solve most issues with tweets not displaying in some hosting environments. The Twitter widget caching is now made in the database, no more setting permissions in the cache folder (in fact you can delete the cache folder).
  • Fixed a bug in IE where the Cufon fonts delayed a second before being replaced
  • You are now able to override the Related Post thumbnails, as well as the Popular and Recent Post thumbnails
  • Fixed a bug on the Nivo Slider when a fading animation was duplicating a slider item
  • You now have the ability to display full posts in the blog listing (new option on the admin panel allows you to set it)
  • You now have the ability to disable the Slider in the homepage resulting in a home page with the same sub-header (with image and title) you see in the inner pages
  • Fixed a bug where the posts images were also appearing in the sub-header when viewing the post detail

Version 1.5 – 2010/09/01

  • The theme is now available in six languages (front-end only): English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German
  • Fixed several IE7 bugs concerning the portfolio filtering, lightbox and tab issues, column shortcodes behaving strangely in some cases, logo top margin and footer bottom margin
  • The portfolio filtering now behaves correctly when you have posts assigned to more than one category
  • When using WordPress 3 custom menus it now highlights the category link correctly

Version 1.4 – 2010/08/24

  • Fixed a bug where the lightbox image icon on mouse hover was displaying incorrectly in the 1 column portfolio template images. Also center aligned the 4 column portfolio template, had a 5 pixel offset to the left

Version 1.3 – 2010/08/24

  • Improved the Portfolio Templates. You now have the ability to set one or more categories in each portfolio page you create. This includes the 1 Column template, the 3 Columns template and a brand new template with 4 Columns. Added pagination support also. You are now able to set the number of portfolio items displayed per page in each individual page with a portfolio template.
  • Added two new shortcodes: jQuery Toggle Content and Tabs

Version 1.2 – 2010/08/23

  • Improved the Twitter Widget to use the Twitter API because some users were having problems with search.twitter.com. If you had problems displaying your tweets, please update
  • Added the feature to hide Breadcrumbs in the sub-header of inner pages

Version 1.1 – 2010/08/18

  • Fixed a bug where there were redundant unique widget areas
  • Fixed a bug preventing shortcodes from being parsed inside the 3 Home Page Sections
  • You are now able to add text (from the page description textarea) to the home page right below the slider
  • Fixed a bug in the WPML integration


  • jQuery (http://jquery.com)
  • Nivo Slider (http://nivo.dev7studios.com/)
  • InnerFade (http://medienfreunde.com/lab/innerfade/)
  • Superfish Dropdown (http://users.tpg.com.au/j_birch/plugins/superfish/)
  • prettyPhoto (http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/)
  • Quicksand (http://razorjack.net/quicksand/)
  • 108 Free Matte White Square Social Networking Icons (http://webtreats.mysitemyway.com/108-free-matte-white-square-social-networking-icons/)
  • WP125 (http://www.webmaster-source.com/wp125-ad-plugin-wordpress/)
  • jQuery Cycle (http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/)
  • flowplayer (http://flowplayer.org/)
  • Fonts:
    • Sansation (http://www.dafont.com/sansation.font)
    • Museo (http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/museo.html)
    • Diavlo (http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/diavlo.html)
    • Vegur (http://www.fontspace.com/arro/vegur)
    • Fertigo Pro (http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/fertigo.html)
    • Comfortaa (http://aajohan.deviantart.com/art/Comfortaa-font-105395949)
    • Tertre (http://www.dafont.com/tertre.font)
  • Textures:
    • Wood (http://nortago.deviantart.com/art/Bg-Texture-wood-38841113)
    • Summer Garden (http://www.flickr.com/photos/zooboing/4482466337/in/set-72157624157169304/)
    • Square Dance (http://www.flickr.com/photos/zooboing/4599739763/in/set-72157624157169304/)
    • Deep Water Blues (http://webtreats.mysitemyway.com/seamless-pattern-set-deep-water-blues/)
    • Tileable Dark Wood (http://webtreats.mysitemyway.com/8-tileable-dark-wood-texture-patterns/)
    • Tileable Light Blurs (http://webtreats.mysitemyway.com/tileable-light-blurs-and-abstract-circle-patterns/)
    • Floral Pattern (http://www.backgroundlabs.com/detail/link-238.html)
    • Paper Textures & Patterns (http://tileabl.es/)
    • Turbulent Blue (http://webtreats.mysitemyway.com/turbulent-blue-photoshop-patterns/)
    • Tileable Clouds (http://webtreats.mysitemyway.com/tileable-cloud-patterns-and-textures/)
  • Creative Commons images used in the preview:
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/samanthalauren/4324801838/ by smargalit
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul/2129251703/ by eschipul
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    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/robhardingii/2284799186/ by robhardingii

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