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Cariera – Job Board WordPress Theme

Cariera is a professional oriented WordPress Theme based on WP Job Manager. It is a complete solution for both Employers and Candidates offering different job layouts, advanced stats, premium dashboard for each user role and advanced searching options. By buying Cariera you won’t need any extra plugins, everything is included in the theme.

No Extra Plugins are required!
Version available now!
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Theme Details

Cariera comes with 10 different unique homepages and lots of extra pages for you to modify and choose for your website. With the advanced one click demo importer you will be able to import the demo within minutes and have the same website just like in the live demo.

The theme is built with Elementor, one of the most popular free page builders in the WordPress market, it comes with tons of custom elements.

Being able to customize every single layout aspect is Cariera’s unique strength. Unlimited colors, google fonts, movable sidebars, multiple headers & footers and combining it with one of the most popular plugins Slider Revolution to make amazing galleries and sliders that will give your website a stunning effect.

A light weighted theme with high speed performance enhancement, adaptable for all screens and browsers with retina ready quality will definitely be the perfect place for companies and job aspirants to connect. All visitors will love how easy our theme is with its modern job search filters, CV submission processes, as well as contacting with Candidates/Employers via Contact Form 7. Your visitors will always be the first to know the latest news by subscribing to your website through the MailChimp Subscription Plugin.

The theme comes with a unique WooCommerce Integrated design which allows you to sell your own goods through your website. One of the theme’s most exclusive features is the ability to support WPML. With WPML you will be able to make your website multilingual within minutes.

We deliver tons of features, a fully detailed documentation, great customer support and this is just the begining…

Core Plugin Support:

All the Plugins listed below expand the theme’s core functionality and are included in the theme.

  • Resume Manager
  • Job Alerts
  • Job Tags
  • WC Paid Listings
  • Bookmarks
  • Applications

Extra Features:

  • Built with Elementor
  • 10 Unique Home Pages
  • Create beautiful slides with Revolution Slider (plugin included)
  • Extended Elements for WPBakery & Elementor
  • Advanced Demo Importer
  • Google Map & Leaflet map Support
  • Advanced Search fields
  • Different Preloaders
  • 6 different Job listing layouts
  • 4 different Company listing layouts
  • 4 different Resume listing layouts
  • Custom Mega Menu
  • Fully Responsive
  • Blog Post Formats (Standard, Aside, Audio, Image, Quote, Video, Gallery)
  • Different Testimonial Styles
  • Contact Form 7 support for Candidates and Companies
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Full translatable (.pot file included)
  • SEO Ready
  • Advanced Typography Control
  • Google fonts (800+) support
  • Child Theme Included
  • W3C Valid HTML
  • Reliable Support
  • Well Documented
  • More features coming soon!


Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any presale questions or if you have already bought the theme and need help with it.
I would be more than happy to help and answer all of your questions.
If you have any suggestions about what you might want to be added in the future updates please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Update Logs

Ver. – 22.05.2020

        - Fontawesome verion 5 iconpicker compatibility

        - Company listing 1 UI

        - Job applications css issue
        - Fontawesome issue for icons. Version 4 clashing with version 5 that was added by Elementor

        - Fontawesome version 4 to version 5

Ver. – 14.05.2020

        - After Import issue

        - Importing Content

Ver. 1.4.5 – 14.05.2020

        - 3 NEW Home Pages
        - 3 NEW Company listing layouts
        - 3 NEW Resume listing layouts
        - ===== Switched the theme 100% to Elementor =====
        - ===== Redesigned all pages =====
        - Elementor compatibility in the Importer
        - Elementor default global font changed to "default" for compatibility purpose
        - Elementor default global color changed to "default colors" for compatibility purpose
        - Location Autocomplete for company location fields for Leaflet
        - Footer options to customize the whole footer colors and bg
        - Content formatting on content editor for job, company & resume listing submission
        - Login & register page template, reworked the whole design
        - Options to change the dashboard statistics colors (border & background)
        - GDPR Link option to the Registration form
        - Switched from Owl Slider to Slick Slider
        - Elementor as a required plugin
        - New Blog Post layout element        
        - New Blog Post Slider layout (Elementor)
        - JS functions support on Elementor in edit mode
        - New Job & Resume Tab search layout, also color skin (light & dark)
        - 2 new listing category layouts
        - 10+ New Elementor elements & element layouts
        - New Testimonial Style (Elementor)
        - New Pricing Table Style (Elementor)
        - Header cta specific class (job & resume) for better customization flexibility
        - Color overlay option for video popup (Elementor element)
        - LEAFLET map support for Home 4 template

        - Functions structure for WPJM & WPRM
        - Job, Company & Resume preview step UI design
        - Job & Resume reports table UI design
        - Reworked footer
        - Single Job file for future improvements
        - All slider elements
        - Total rework of the custom.js file
        - Elementor functions added in Cariera_Elementor class
        - Total Job & Resume Category elements rework
        - Company Post classes
        - Reworked Company Templates
        - Company shortcode: Template selection
        - Job Listing List 1 css issue
        - Main navigation css
        - Menu item badge styling
        - Importing times

        - ZipRecruiter & Indeed job listing display issue
        - Responsive issue for ZipRecruiter & Indeed job listing
        - User search to change the author for single companies
        - Location Autocomplete issue on job submission due to 2 location inputs
        - Job Auto suggestion showing the wrong results
        - Pagination UI issue on responsive
        - Company selection issue on responsive
        - Company name and select fields on responsive issue
        - Icon selector issue
        - Job & Resume Elementor element issue
        - External application redirection issue
        - Resume & Company slider image width
        - Small css issues for Job listing (list 4-5 & grid 3)
        - Submit Company classes in the dashboard
        - Company jobs color overflowing on responsive
        - Social media footer icons alignment
        - Social media footer background on hover
        - Dashboard "my companies" menu item class
        - Job & Resume dashboard border issue when no listings exist

        - Bootstrap from 4.3.1 to 4.4.1
        - FontIconPicker from 2.0.0 to 3.1.1
        - Updated Core Plugins
        - Translation .POT file

        - Old Footer skins
        - WPBakery as a required plugin

Ver. – 20.04.2020

        - Company Permalink Issue
        - Cariera Company Manager MySQL issue

Ver. 1.4.4 – 17.04.2020

        - ============ COMPANY DASHBOARD ============ (To edit/delete single companies without editing the jobs)
        - Single Company submission
        - Company submission limit per account
        - Company Permalink editor (Settings -> Permalinks)
        - Settings page for "Company" CPT
        - Companies CPT label changing settings
        - "Company selector" via the backend for jobs instead of a simple text field
        - Company pages in the dashboard
        - Company pages assigned after import
        - Company submit & dashboard elements for WPBakery & Elementor
        - "Resume Search Form" Element for WPBakery & Elementor
        - User role class for header-widget-account for better customization purposes
        - New Job Listing layout ( Job Grid version 3)
        - New Job Listing layout ( Job List version 5)
        - New UI animation for "load jobs/resumes" button
        - Job & Candidate dashboard elements for Elementor
        - "User role selection" options for the registration form
        - Email templates for registration in the theme's template folder
        - Translation and string replacement possibilities for the registration mails

        - Rewritten Company CPT functions
        - Moved all company settings to the "Company Settings" page
        - Company Manager file structure (core plugin)
        - Moved all company related functions in the core plugin
        - Single company page template handling
        - Company search shows "any categories" option now for better UX
        - UI Design for the "Company details" in the single job page
        - UI Design for the listing submission (jobs, companies, resumes)
        - WC Paid Listings "select package" UI design on responsive
        - UI Design for the "account sign in" box WPJM
        - WooCommerce checkout ui
        - Job messages UI regarding close applications and filled positions
        - Resume manager data repeater UI design
        - Extra job fields function (core plugin)
        - Login & Register page template design
        - Top header is now hidden in the dashboard page
        - Handling of pages that require the user to be signed in
        - Rewritten Registration Email notification functions

        - WooCommerce button alignment
        - Login issue when woocommerce is deactivated
        - Small issue on Job search for Elementor
        - "reset & rss" button on responsive
        - Job Package name on checkout spacing issue
        - Social media widget alignment issue
        - Login & Register page template alignment issue (buttons and form)
        - Job quick search issue when typing keyword on the job search elements
        - Company Manager Writepanels issue when no data
        - Company Manager CPT actions when companies in trash

        - Translation files .POT

        - Secondary menu
        - Static html registration templates (core plugin)

Ver. 1.4.3 – 16.03.2020

        - ============ REBUILT CARIERA CORE PLUGIN ============
        - ============ LEAFLET MAP SUPPORT (OpenStreetMap, MapBox) ============
        - ============ Radius search for jobs & resumes ============ (works only with Google Map API Key)
        - All main functions ( settings, extra fields, custom search ) moved to Cariera Core
        - Rewritten all map functions and moved to core plugin
        - Advanced map options depending on the map provider
        - New User Role selection method
        - New Job Search Form Layout for WPBakery & Elementor
        - "Application Deadline" added as required plugin
        - "Classic Editor" as required plugin

        - Registration form UI
        - Custom center point option shows when Autofit is disabled
        - Deregistered WP Resume Manager's default styling sheet for better performance
        - Resume styling on style.css
        - Rewritten job search elements and styling
        - Search boxes styling (default search & sidebar search)
        - Company listing's job count ui styling
        - Select2 arrow UI styling
        - Job, Resume & Company map shortcode works without WPBakery being activated (for Elementor support)
        - No listings found design in search
        - Application deadlines
        - Job & Resume custom search hooks for the sidebar

        - Company search select field is using select2 now
        - Footer social media icons
        - Mailchimp styling in the footer
        - Select2 fields on sidebar searches
        - Mmenu JS error when header is not used or another header has been added via Elementor Pro
        - Extra job application checkbox, alignment issue with the description
        - Company pagination center alignment
        - "Job Search" php error for Elementor element
        - "Job Search" Box php error for Elementor element

        - .POT Files
        - Update core plugins

Ver. 1.4.2 – 11.02.2020

        - Reworked social media sharing
        - New sharing option (telegram)

        - Job Alert submission page
        - Job Alert button
        - All select fields that were using chosen.js now use select2
        - Select improvements
        - UI improvements

        - PHP issues for the views when a user checked a listing for the first time
        - Dashboard link on the header user popup menu
        - Resume preview issue
        - "Select Package" button is now translatable for WC Paid Listings
        - Small css issues

        - Core Plugins
        - WooCommerce Templates
        - .POT files

        - Chosen CSS & JS

Ver. – 27.11.2019

        - Compatibility issue with Resume Manager 1.18.0

        - Core Plugins

Ver. – 26.11.2019

        - Blog featured post design

        - Header login/register button unclosed tag
        - System Status PHP error
        - Default display issue pointed by reviewer

        - WooCommerce Templates

Ver. 1.4.1 – 31.10.2019

        - Online Knowledge base for the theme (will be updated constantly) 
        - Header Options for the Extra menu items
        - Elementor item "Post Job Form" 
        - Elementor item "Submit Resume Form" 
        - Redesigned "related jobs" 
        - Cariera Core Plugin Installation - Plugin Selection
        - Cariera Core Plugin Installation - Plugin can now be updated

        - Popup loading depending on the header options
        - Checkboxes & Radioboxes
        - Sticky header style
        - Improved Rate & Salary coding for single & general job templates        
        - Improved Rate coding for single & general resume templates
        - Plugin Installation process
        - Theme Importer
        - Cariera Core backend styles
        - Rewritten Job Application css

        - Login issue with expired nonce
        - Username on responsive
        - Company CPT Backend Position after wpjm 1.34.0
        - Job & Resume widget display issue on footer
        - Header widget when sticky header is enabled
        - Login Popup small design issues
        - Header display issue when no Menu is selected (on non loggedin users)
        - Back to top now overlaps cookie bar
        - JS issue with submenu positioning
        - Fixed mobile menu JS error when sticky header is enabled and browser is resized
        - Job Listing responsive issues
        - mobile menu (hamburger) issue on Mozilla

        - Documentation
        - POT Language files

Ver. 1.4.0 – 16.09.2019

        - ============ SWITCHED TO BOOTSTRAP 4 ============ 
        - ============ ELEMENTOR SUPPORT ============ All main (job, resume, company related) WPBakery Elements to Elementor
        - ============ COMPANY SELECTION ============ (users can now select their existing companies or add a new one)
        - User specific Companies
        - Dashboard Profile account box
        - Sidebar search for Jobs
        - Sidebar search for Resumes
        - Sidebar search for Companies
        - Search limitation for a country only
        - Show empty categories in the job search
        - Hide Account Delete from the admin in the dashboard
        - Send email to the Employer when their Job Listings get approved
        - Send email to the Candidate when their Resumes get approved
        - Send email to the Candidate when their Resumes expire
        - Metabox.io as required plugin
        - Page layout metabox to add sidebars in pages
        - Header CTA Button
        - New mobile navigation menu
        - New mobile header structure
        - Cart popup via header button instead of sending user to the cart page
        - Header My Account quick menu when click on the Avatar
        - ZipRecruiter & Indeed compatibility
        - Company for each job in the Employer Dashboard table
        - Save jobs to draft and continue submission from the dashboard
        - Brand you map presentation for jobs, resumes & companies
        - Widget areas that can be used on general job, resumes & company pages
        - Job & Resume tab search on the general header search

        - Core Plugin
        - Restructured the whole core plugin
        - Company Manager Frontend & Backend
        - Dashboard functions & design
        - Rebuilt Headers from scratch
        - Login & Register
        - Rewritten single.php for better handling
        - Rewritten index.php & archive.php for better handling
        - Bookmarks syles for widgets
        - Job Type Colors
        - Popups handling
        - Popups design
        - Search tabs UI
        - Reworked the whole WooCommerce compatibility of the theme
        - Changed job listings from div to li again
        - Rewritten the whole job listings css part
        - Job & Resume designs
        - Job Alerts compatibility
        - WPJM Table designs
        - WPJM Handling
        - Job & Resume Dashboard
        - Reworked the whole Map functionality of the theme & restructured all the files
        - Overall design and changed main color of the theme
        - Home 1 template
        - Job Category WPBakery element html markup & css
        - Improved widget areas for jobs, resumes & companies
        - Job & Resume tab search
        - Login & Register template when user is logged in
        - Job Quick Search in the header

        - PHP error when WPJM plugin is not active
        - Prevent WooCommerce from redirecting to the setup wizard after installation
        - Whatsapp sharing option issue
        - Job Alert form design issues
        - Job Category issue on taxonomy when category was empty
        - Fixed "Resume Category" display issue on single resume
        - Mega Menu issue
        - Select2 styling issues
        - Small design issues on wpjm widgets
        - Dashboard when layout was set to boxed
        - Job Category PHP error on WPBakery element
        - Single Job & Resume Sidebar issue
        - Dashboard vertical scrolling issue (uses mCustomScrollbar now)
        - WPBakery elements issues
        - Add a menu issue when no menu is selected

        - WooCommerce Templates
        - Slider for Slider Revolution
        - POT Language files

        - search.php it's handled by archive now
        - Metabox.io from within the core plugin
        - Deleted widget.php and all functions added in theme-support.php
        - Popups.php
        - jPush functions for mobile menu handling
        - Old responsive menu
        - Job/Resume submission file
        - Fullscreen search and replaced with the quick search modal

Ver. 1.3.9 – 12.07.2019

        - Pagination on Job Reports
        - Pagination on Resume Reports
        - Job Content Start to the begining of the single job page
        - Application notices after user applied to a job
        - Login button under the info box for external applications when user not logged in
        - Show only features resumes via WPBakery Element
        - Currency Position in Job Listing Settings

        - Login & Register Functions
        - Job Applications
        - Job & Resume Reports
        - Load more resumes btn
        - Hide "advance search link" when salary & rate are disabled

        - Typo on Listing Reports (External Clicks)
        - Translation of strings with vars in them
        - Entering Backend after logging in via Front End
        - Saving Company Meta data
        - Resumes Carousel output
        - Delete account functionality
        - Resume title position on widgets

        - Slider Revolution
        - Language Files .POT

Ver. 1.3.8 – 19.06.2019

        - cariera_listing_reports shortcode
        - Reports regarding job listings
        - Count external redirection (if user uses external url as an application method)
        - Single Job/Resume views in Report page
        - Choose color option for menu items on hover
        - Disabling Dashboard Menu Items - Customizer Options
        - Icons enabler for each menu item
        - job-filters.php to the theme from WPJM plugin
        - Removed unnecessary admin notices function

        - Expired Job listings
        - Job & Resume widgets
        - Compatibility with WPJM 1.33.0

        - External Application Button
        - Application Restriction to logged in users on external applications
        - Select box issue
        - Resume ajax issue when WP Resume Manager is not active
        - Small responsive issue on job search
        - Styling issue with the latest WPJM update

        - Core Plugins
        - Core Templates

Ver. 1.3.7 – 22.05.2019

        - WC Paid Listing job submission text added via php for translations
        - Apply Filter for User Role registration labels
        - Disable WP Admin Bar for all except admin (via core plugin)
        - Disable Views Statistics option (graph stats) for the dashboard
        - Listing loader for jobs, resumes and companies
        - "Applied Jobs" in the dashboard for candidates

        - Footer css styles
        - Dashboard Links
        - Jobs Type Color Picker

        - CSS for WPJM upload input
        - Dashboard issue when WooCommerce is not active
        - Responsive issues
        - Resume loading animations
        - Job Applications display issue on responsive
        - Multi Job Type display issue
        - New tag on Multi Job Types
        - Jobs Type Color picker css and default output issues
        - Translation issues
        - Escaping issues
        - Job Application & Company email output

        - Core Plugin
        - WooCommerce Templates
        - WPBakery Page Builder Plugin
        - POT Language Files  

Ver. 1.3.6 – 23.04.2019

        - New advanced Job search filters
        - New Resume search filters
        - New Social sharing
        - Icon picker for menu items
        - Simpleline icons on job category icon picker
        - Menu Positions for the dashboard
        - Dashboard Menus for Employers and Candidates seperatly

        - Social Sharing 
        - Theme overall size
        - Theme performance
        - Dashboard design and functions
        - Search filter design
        - Search filters use flex now

        - Blog post styling issue
        - Small css issues
        - Escaping issues
        - Translation strings
        - Job Submission design issues

        - Google+ from social sharing
        - Google+ from jobs, companies, resumes

        - Core Plugin
        - WooCommerce Templates
        - POT language files

Ver. 1.3.5 – 28.03.2019

        - Company actions in the backend like wpjm
        - Quick approve company in the backend
        - Important message on Cariera welcome page
        - Removed WooCommerce Nav on User Dashboard
        - Loader for the Monthly views canvas
        - Options to disable Company Category & Team Size
        - Check function when core plugin is active
        - Classes to the user dashboard depending on the user role

        - Orders page on dashboard
        - Rebuild Menu Walker
        - Function for Company fields on post job
        - Submission field changed to Flex
        - Dashboard navigation classes
        - Dashboard links

        - Scrolling issue with the dashboard
        - Small issue on the Cariera Import page
        - Small css issue on Single Job page
        - Dashboard issues when WooCommerce isn't activated
        - Company website showcase when core plugin is not active
        - Avatar image issue on responsive
        - Importing demo data issue

        - Translation .POT files

Ver. – 16.03.2019

        - Plugin installer on core plugin to avoid is_plugin_active issue

        - Dashboard Overall

        - Text changed from "listings" to "resumes" on Candidates Dashboard
        - Escaping issues
        - Compliant issues
        - Validation issue of unclosed div on the dashboard
        - #wpadminbar issue
        - VC_templates directory to avoid any issues

Ver. – 14.03.2019

        - Views charts showing negative numbers if no views
        - Showing date on the "Application Deadline" 
        - Deleted default output for Application deadlines
        - Small issue for included plugins
        - Dashboard margin top height

Ver. 1.3.4 – 12.03.2019

        - MAJOR - NEW Built-in Dedicated Dashboard
        - Listing views on Dashboard
        - Charts for users monthly listing views
        - Listing Packages on the dashboard (WC Paid Listing needs to be activated)
        - New "My Profile" shortcode
        - Built-in Avatar Uploader    
        - Add class to the body when user is logged in
        - Action hooks before and after the login form
        - Button that send to the "installation video" on the backend
        - All core plugins added
        - New Bloglist version

        - Redesigned WooCommerce Pages
        - Major WooCommerce Improvements
        - WooCommerce Functions
        - Comment form design and function
        - Avatar link changed for the new dashboard - no longer sends to woocommerce dashboard
        - Dashboard redirection after login
        - WPJM and core style css
        - Dashboard Tables
        - Changed the icons on Employer/Candidate Dashboard
        - Scrollbar on AJAX Job Search

        - Filename after uploading a file for "apply now" 
        - Small Menu issue
        - Small CSS issues on Responsive
        - Small PHP issue on the header class
        - Small displaying issues when Kirki is not active

        - WooCommerce My Account extra links
        - Add Avatar via WooCommerce
        - WP User Avatar as a required plugin

Ver. 1.3.3 – 27.02.2019

        - Disable all Breadcrumbs function
        - Job Category Background image on single category page
        - Option to enable/disable job cat image on single cat pages
        - Job Logos on AJAX job search
        - Email template colors match the main color of the website

        - Overall Performance
        - Code quality
        - Send users to the right dashboard depening their user role if redirection enabled
        - Blog Improvements
        - Blog Functions
        - Header 1 Improvements
        - SEO for the whole theme
        - Page titles function
        - Bookmarks
        - WooCommerce Compatibility

        - WooCommerce "Display name required" on edit account
        - Small issue with displaying company website
        - Small JS issue on AJAX search
        - Small PHP issues
        - Bookmark bug
        - Apply for job php issue

        - Metabox
        - WPBakery Page Builder plugin 5.7
        - WPJM Templates

Ver. 1.3.2 – 29.01.2019

        - Company Logos flexibility
        - Submission Flow
        - New Paid Listings UX and design (for WC Paid Listings plugin)

        - Blog VC Element. Autocomplete Category while writing
        - General Design
        - Jobs, Companies, Resumes Sidebar
        - Candidate & Employer Dashboard
        - Job and Resume Submission
        - Preview Jobs & Resumes
        - Company post status when "Moderate New Listing" is enabled
        - Select2 plugin styling due to the new WPJM update

        - Blog VC Element. Showing Category Posts
        - Small CSS issues
        - Small compatibility issues
        - Edit Job Applications issue
        - Small responsive issues
        - WooCommerce issue with displaying a number of products
        - Escaping issue

        - WooCommerce Templates
        - Job Manager Template
        - Resume Manager Template
        - Language .POT files

Ver. – 03.12.2018

        - Geolocation for Company search

        - UX for search forms
        - Customizer options

        - Small typo issues
        - Small function issues
        - Geolocation issue

        - Language .pot files

Ver. 1.3.1 – 01.12.2018

        - Icon Picker for Job & Resume Categories
        - Quick view for job listings ( on List 3 & Grid 1)
        - Search Map to browse Companies
        - Company Map Infoboxes
        - Half Map for Company Search
        - Map Location for Single Company
        - Company Options
        - New Theme Screenshot
        - Job Category Slider Option on VC Element
        - New Company Carousel Version
        - Candidate Social Media Links
        - Location on AJAX Job Search

        - Job & Resume Categories
        - Job Category Slider
        - Cross browser compatibility
        - Rebuilt AJAX Job Search

        - Language .pot files
        - VC to version 5.6

Ver. – 14.11.2018

        - Map for Single Resume page

        - Remove Company fields from job post type

        - PHP Issue for Company Manager
        - Company listing CSS issue
        - Showing Company Listings cache issue

Ver. 1.3.0 (MAJOR UPDATE) – 13.11.2018

        - Company Manager - Custom Company CPT
        - Companies List
        - Company AJAX Search
        - Company Shortcodes
        - Company VC Elements        
        - All Resume related functions to a new file
        - Contact Form option for Candidates & Companies
        - Enable/Disable Salary & Rate per hour for Jobs
        - Widget area for Single Resumes page
        - GDPR field in register options
        - Redirect to login after successful register
        - default.css for all default styles
        - Gutenberg compatibility
        - Cookie Bar - Notice
        - Maps change location based on the search location
        - Premium Icons
        - Video Modal VC Element
        - Resume Carousel VC Element
        - PHP Version checker in Cariera admin panel
        - Job/Resume Tab Search

        - Overall Theme design
        - Overall code quality
        - General Resume Functionalities
        - Slider Importer
        - Redesigned Resume Page
        - WooCommerce Customization Options
        - General Customization Options
        - Mega menu
        - Checking if plugins are active so that functions don't cause any errors
        - General Typography of the theme
        - Rewritten Job Templates
        - Improved Submit Job/Resume
        - Job Sidebar
        - Job Carousel VC Element
        - General UX
        - Crossbrowser compatibility
        - Compatibility with addons
        - Map next/previous
        - Gallery Post slider
        - "Hello World" post to draft after import
        - Main style.css
        - Custom.js rewritten and imporved
        - Default galleries
        - Resume Listing markup
        - Theme Size reduced
        - Jobs shown on maps
        - Main navigation
        - Redesign Job/Resume Popup
        - Rewritten map functions
        - VC Default Elements

        - Importer Text
        - Add Menu visible only to admin
        - Register disable password field
        - Escaping issues
        - Checkboxes issue on applications
        - small php issues
        - Replaced all "is_plugin_active" functions
        - Taxonomy PHP errors
        - Not redirecting to Dashboard when clicking on profile
        - Crossbrowser issues
        - Indeed Integration Compatibility
        - Updated WPJM Options on import
        - Job Types colors issue when types disabled
        - Job/Resume Geo lat & lng issue
        - Job Category Slider issue
        - Google Maps VC Element
        - Resume Categories VC Element

        - Cariera Core Plugin
        - Visual Composer Plugin
        - Revolution Plugin
        - WooCommerce Templates (3.5.x Compatibility)
        - Owl Slider to 2.3.4
        - Language Files

        - WP Job Manager default stylesheet
        - WP Job Manager Company Profile as required plugin

All changes on the previous versions can be found in the readme.txt in the theme folder.