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Exponent – Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress theme

Exponent – Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress theme


Exponent is a modern business wordpress theme, that lets you build stunning high performance websites using a fully visual interface. The theme comes with 26 premium pre-built demo websites, that you can use as a starting point for your website. Exponent has been built by the same team behind Oshine, one of the all-time best-selling themes with over 26,000 customers. We have built the theme using years of our experience, customer feedback and a framework that has been battle-tested in 1000’s of live websites. No doubt, Exponent is our best theme yet.

Current Version: v1.2.8.4
Last Update: 9th June 2020

Why should you choose Exponent for your business ?
  • 26 Modern Demos that are fully responsive, 200+ page layouts
Intuitive Fully Visual Header, Footer & Page Builder.
  • Easy Setup Process with a one click demo importer
  • Create professional blogs
  • Full Fledged Online Stores powered by WooCommerce
Beautiful Portfolios, Galleries & Carousels
  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • Top Notch Support
Translatable & Multi-Lingual compatible
Tools for GDPR compliance

  • Comprehensive Typography Controls – Hundreds of Google & Adobe Fonts
  • Color Management – Palettes, Swatches with support for gradients.
  • Built by a team that’s trusted by 30000+ customers

23 Premium Demos
Fitness Demo
Tatsu 3.0 Massive Update
Fully Visual Page Builder
Header Builder
100+ High Quality Design Layouts
Attention to Details
Shop Layouts
Beautiful Portfolios
Superior Performance
Typography Controls
Color Controls
GDPR Tools
Translatable & Multi-Lingual
Power Elite Authors
Thorough Documentation
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Premium Designs:

Over 22 high quality professionally designed pre-built websites to choose from. Comes with 100’s of pixel perfect unique layout blocks and pages.
One look and you know there is something magical about the theme. The magic comes from a design system built upon consistency and terrific attention to details.

Clean & Modern:
Perfect blend of spacious layouts, precise typography and trendy design elements like gradients, illustrations, shadows & shape dividers.

Professional & Multipurpose:
Carefully crafted after analyzing the needs of different industries and the design achieves a great balance between purpose & presentation.

  • Corporate
  • Mobile App
  • Finance / Consulting
  • Startup
  • Construction / Industry
  • SEO Agency
  • Web App / Saas App
  • Lawfirm / Attorney
  • Doctor / Dentist / Medical / Hospital
  • Shop
  • Education / University
  • Agency / Freelancer
  • Hosting
  • Architecture
  • Product
  • Portfolio / Freelancer
  • Blog
  • Restaurant
  • Farm
  • Charity
  • Book
  • Event / Conference
  • IT Company
  • Life Coach
  • Gym / Fitness
  • Lead Generation

TATSU – A Revolutionary Fully Visual Page Builder for WordPress.

A Powerful and Elegant live front end site builder for WordPress, that comes with 50+ styling modules, a live text editor and pre-built concepts. It makes building web pages a breeze and is loved by newbies and pros alike.

  • Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Unlimited Layout Possibilities
  • Live Text Editor
  • Super Fast & Instant Previews. No more switching between backend and the actual page.
  • Responsive Controls – Change the way your pages look in different screen sizes.
  • 50+ Styling Modules
  • Pre-Built Section Concepts
  • Templating – Save Sections & Pages as templates and easily reuse them
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Cut / Copy / Paste modules within pages or across pages in the same website or even across websites.
  • Multi-Select & Edit
  • Global Sections
  • Color Gradients
  • Undo & Redo
  • CSS Animations

One Click Demo Import

Get started swiftly & easily by importing a pre-built website of your choice in a single click. Import multiple demos, mix & match pages and customize to your hearts content.

Professional Blogging

Exponent comes with 8 unique styles and by customizing things like typography, aspect ratio, spacing, meta info, backgrounds & colors, you can literally style your blog in unlimited ways. Showcase different formats of content in ways they are meant to be consumed and add flavor to your blog. Exponent supports Video, Audio, Quote, Links, Gallery & the Standard Post Formats. From content width to spacing & typography, the posts have been optimized for an amazing reading experience. Single Posts come with bold title area and all the little things like social sharing, meta info, author info, comments & post navigation bar, have been designed with care.

Full Fledged Online Stores

Build a full fledged, highly functional store powered by WooCommerce to sell your products online and grow your business. Built with conversions in mind, Exponent uses clean layouts and crisp typography to offer a smooth & intuitive shopping experience. Your products are your website’s heroes, showcase them in style. Choose from a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 column grid. Choose from a regular or a fixed panel layout. Let your visitors zoom in on products or expand them in a lightbox. Showcase multiple images in a slider. Supports all product types like grouped, variable & external affliate products. All the pages associated with a shop like Cart, Checkout & My Account pages have been designed with care & precision.

Beautiful Portfolios

Showcase your work in style, using stylish grids & crafty project pages. Galleries, Carousels, Fixed Sidebars, Lightboxes, Videos, you name it, we have it.

  • Infinite Grid Styles: Use 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns, vary spacing, size & aspect ratios.
  • Stylish Hovers: From simple to stylish, choose from 6 different pre-built styles.
  • Project Pages: Detail your work comprehensively. Over a dozen pre-built samples

Top Notch Support

Envato Power Elite Authors
One of the top companies in the Envato marketplace and we already have a place in their wall of fame. Moreover, you would be using a tried & tested framework from a trustworthy company.

  • 15000+ tickets resolved & 6000+ Comments answered.
  • 27000+ Customers
  • 5 Star rated Support

Blazing Fast

Exponent has been built for speed and your visitors, as well as search engines, are going to love your website

  • On Demand Javascript: Scripts are loaded asnychronously & only when required
  • Lightweight Code: CSS & JS File sizes are 3x less than our competitors
  • Caching & Minification: Compatible with popular caching & optimization plugins
  • Lazy Loaded Images: Images are loaded only when required, just before the user scrolls to its position

Translatable & Multi-Lingual

Compatible with WPML, Polylang plugins for creating multi-lingual sites. PO Files included for easy localization using PO EDIT or Loco Translate Plugin

GDPR Tools

Exponent comes with our proprietory BE GDPR plugin to help you make your site GDPR Compliant.

  • Cookie Notice bar: Show a neat cookie notice bar with a link to your privacy policy page
  • Consent Checkboxes: Get consent for embedding 3rd party content such as YouTube, Vimeo & Maps


Choose from 1000’s of fonts from Google as well as Adobe (Typekit ). Control typography for various screen sizes, play with different font schemes & download google fonts to your server for GDPR compliance.

  • Use Custom Fonts
  • Responsive Controls – Change font values for different devices
  • Font Schemes – Save your favorite fonts as schemes for easy use & modifications


Change colors across your site with just a snap of your finger.

  • Palettes: Experiment with different color schemes, until you find the magic combination
  • Swatches: You no longer have to remember color codes. Save your favorite colors
  • Gradients: Build trendy websites with vibrant gradients to wow your visitors

Comprehensive Documentation

Exponent has been thoroughly documented and comes with an online searchable knowledgebase to guide you in using the theme to its fullest potential.
Check it out here: https://exponentwptheme.com/documentation

- INCLUDED latest version of Tatsu - 3.2.1
- INCLUDED latest version of Slider Revolution - 6.2.12
- INCLUDED latest version of Metabox Conditional Logic  - 1.6.13

Tatsu - 3.2.1
- INCLUDED Code module for Header Builder
- FIXED Included Image Alt Tags in Image Carousel Module
- FIXED Issue with Autoplaying and Looping in Vimeo Video
- FIXED Row Background visibility issue
- FIXED Filtering Issue in Portfolio Taxonomy pages
- INCLUDED latest versions of Tatsu and Typehub Plugin

Tatsu - 3.2
- FIXED compatibility issues with  WordPress 5.4
- FIXED Protocol issue in VIMEO placeholder image

Typehub - 2.0.1
- FIXED issue with downloading fonts from the server
- INCLUDED Slider Revolution version - 6.1.8
- INCLUDED Metabox Conditional Logic version - 1.6.11

Tatsu -
- FIXED Sticky Section Animation Trigger in Mobile Devices
- Revamped Demo Content with Forms built using WP Forms plugin

Tatsu -
- WP Forms Styling fixes

Exponent Demos - 1.2.6
- MODIFIED - Demo contents with forms built using WP Forms plugin
Exponent 1.2.8
- NEW Insurance Demo
- INCLUDED latest version of Slider Revolution plugin
- INCLUDED latest version of TATSU
- INCLUDED latest version of Exponent Demos Plugin

Tatsu -
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Process Module for ADA compliance

Exponent Demos - 1.2.5
- ADDED - Sample Content for Insurance Demo
Exponent 1.2.7
- NEW - INCLUDED WPForms Plugin via TGM Activation
- INCLUDED latest version of Slider Revolution plugin
- INCLUDED latest version of TATSU

Tatsu - 3.1.8
- ADDED WPForms Integration within TATSU and added a module to include WPForms in the page
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Icon Card Module for ADA compliance
Exponent 1.2.5
- INCLUDED the latest version of Tatsu

Tatsu - 3.1.7
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Button Module for ADA compliance
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Icon Module for ADA compliance
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Animated links Module for ADA compliance
- FIXED issue with dimensions of Section Preset images in Modal Popup within Tatsu
- ADDED code level (filter) option to increase the depth of Menu in Tatsu Header Builder
Exponent 1.2.4
- NEW Lead Generation Demo
- FIXED Removed Google Plus Icon from Author Social Share Section (Following Official Shutdown of Google Plus)

Tatsu - 3.1.6
- FIXED Issue with Visibility Controls taking effect on screen sizes between 1367px to 1376px

Exponent Modules - 2.1.1
- FIXED Removed Google Plus Icon from Single Post Social Share Section (Following Official Shutdown of Google Plus)

BE Grid - 1.2.4
- FIXED Removed Google Plus Icon from Single Portfolio Social Share Section (Following Official Shutdown of Google Plus)

Exponent Demos - 1.2.4
- ADDED - Sample Content for Lead Generation Demo
Exponent 1.2.3
- FIXED Styling issue in Contact and Newsletter forms on iOS devices

Tatsu - 3.1.5
- FIXED Scrolling issue with (Testimonials, Clients, Image) slider modules on iOS devices
Exponent 1.2.2
- FIXED Removed Metabox Plugin License notifications and warnings 
- FIXED Replaced Heading Tag used in Related Post section with H3 
- FIXED Included Date Field in Comments Section
- FIXED Localised the string “by” in the Author section of Blog post
- FIXED Marked “required” fields in Comments form with * symbol

Tatsu - 3.1.4
- FIXED Localised place holder string in “Search” bar in Tatsu header builder

BE Grid - 1.2.3
- ADDED Translation (.pot) file to translate the strings used within the Plugin 
Exponent 1.2.1
- New Fitness demo
- Included the latest version of Tatsu 

Tatsu - 3.1.2
- FIXED Margin in Animated Text Module
- FIXED Block style Gradient Button styling in Tatsu frame

Exponent Demos - 1.2.3
ADDED - Sample content for Fitness demo
Exponent 1.2
- New Life Coach demo
- Included the latest version of Tatsu 

Tatsu - 3.1.1
- FIXED Issue in Role Based access while assigning multiple roles for users
- FIXED Unable to select Module from the right panel when "Column overlay" is enabled
- FIXED Missing icon option in Button Module

Exponent Demos - 1.2.2
ADDED - Sample content for Life Coach demo
Exponent 1.1.9
- Included latest version of Tatsu

Tatsu - 3.1
- NEW Admin Side Loading option
- NEW Role Based access to edit using Tatsu
Exponent 1.1.8
- FIXED Cart Count issue while using pretty permalinks

Typehub - 2.0
- NEW Custom Font Upload ( Hot )
- NEW Custom Options for custom CSS selectors
Exponent 1.1.7
- New IT Company demo based on Sticky Sections feature
- Fixed Back to Top option label in Customizer

Exponent Demos - 1.2.1
ADDED - Sample content for IT Company demo

BE Grid - 1.2.2
- FIXED Portfolio Details Margin issue
Exponent 1.1.6
- WooCommerce 3.6+ Fixes
- Included latest version of Tatsu

Tatsu - 3.0.6
ADDED - New Animated Heading Module with 9 stunning effects
FIXED - Column Shape divider issue in Safari
FIXED Multi Select and Edit issue - Section Padding not working when sections have disparate padding values.
FIXED Setting Section's Z Index to 0, sets the BG Color over the BG Image.
FIXED Inline Text inside Inner Row in Safari
FIXED Tatsu Header Builder - Missing Observer in Mobile view
FIXED Tatsu Header Builder - Block Button style
FIXED Tatsu Header Builder - Bird's Eye view Drag & Drop issue in mobile view
FIXED Divider Module Css ID issue
ENHANCED Typography Field in Tatsu
Exponent 1.1.5
Included latest version of Tatsu

Tatsu - 3.0.5
FIXED - Active Header Setting reset issue
FIXED - Sub Menu Indicator postion in Tatsu Header Menu
FIXED Older shortcodes remapped to Tatsu modules
Exponent 1.1.4 - 21st May 2019
- NEW Sticky Sections ( Scroll jacked full screen sections )
- NEW Maintenance Mode
- ADDED 2 Column option for Shop Grid in mobile view

Tatsu - 3.0.4
- ADDED - Overflow option for Multilayer images
- ADDED - Option to Set Active header directly from Tatsu ( header builder )
- ADDED - Loop option for Typed Text module
- FIXED Submenu issue in Header Builder
- FIXED Blur Load mime type function issue in certain servers
- ADDED 2 Column option for Gallery module in mobile view

BE Grid - 1.2.1
- ADDED 2 Column option for Portfolios in mobile view
- FIXED Loading Lazy loaded Portfolio images inside Tatsu editor

Exponent Modules - 2.1
- ADDED - Coming Soon Section template
Exponent 1.1.3
Included latest versions of Tatsu and Typehub plugins.

Tatsu - 3.0.3
- FIXED Mission Typed Text Alignment option
- FIXED Logo Module Alt tag issue in header builder
- FIXED Background Attachment Fixed issue in iOS devices
- FIXED Text Block Tinymce editor - Text Mode editing ( Don’t have to switch modes any longer to update changes )

Typehub - 1.5
- NEW Font Preview in the backend
- NEW Colorhub Integration - Use Swatches and Palette colors.
Exponent 1.1.2
FIXED Demo Importer Issue - Thumbnails Missing after WordPress 5.2 update
Exponent 1.1.1
Bug Fixes in Tatsu

Tatsu - 3.0.2
- FIXED Text Module Loading issue
- FIXED Inline Text save issue when edited after using Select All
- FIXED Section Background Image edit issue
Exponent 1.1 - 24th April 2019

Massive Update to Tatsu with a new UI and lots of new features

Tatsu - 3.0
Light & Dark Skin: Choose a color scheme for the editor based on your preference or ambiance. We had to rebuild our entire UI system for this.

Streamlined Editing Interface: Clean and Consistent organization of settings using Tabs and Panels. 

Birds Eye View: A single skeleton that gives you a complete picture of the entire page. Drag and Drop to re-order, double click to edit. 

Complete Customizability: Advanced Options like Margin Padding, Border, Shadows, Responsive Visibility, Animations and Identifiers for all modules. Don't worry about bloat, 

Revisions History: Go back in time to any of your previous saved states.

Pre-built blocks & pages: Over 60 blocks from various demos to help you build your pages rapidly. 

Faster Loading: The editor loads 2x-3x faster than before. 

Custom CSS & JS: Complete power to the Pros. 

Blend Modes: Produce photoshop-like effects using overlay blend modes on section and column backgrounds.

Better Search: Easily find options that you are looking for. Highlighted and Grouped. 

Page Reload: Not happy with your edits and want to start over? Just reload the editor.

Typography: Full responsive control over the typography of text & inline text modules. 

Exponent Modules - 2.0
- All Modules have been updated to work with Tatsu 3.0

BE Grid - 1.2
- Portfolio module has been updated to work with 3.0
Exponent 1.0.6 - 17th April 2019
Includes latest version of Exponent Modules and Tatsu plugins

Tatsu - 2.9.4
Fixed: Event Calendar Compatibility issue (  loading issue )
Fixed: Text Module Drag and Drop issue
Fixed: Alt tag issue in single image module ( in case of SVG and GIFs )

Exponent Modules- 1.2.1
- Fixed: Newsletter Module Fix
Exponent 1.0.5 - 1st April 2019
- Included Latest Version of Tatsu Plugin
- Fixed: Youtube related videos from the same chanel instead of videos based on user history
- Fixed : WooCommerce My Account dashboard links.  

Tatsu -
Fixed: Youtube related videos from the same chanel instead of videos based on user history
Fixed: Font size issue in typed text module
Added: Alignment option in typed text module
Added: Option to change Headers at a per page level. ( Header Builder )
Exponent 1.0.4 - 12th March 2019
Included Latest Version of Exponent Modules & Exponent Demos Plugin

Exponent Modules- 1.2
- Added: New Countdown Module

Exponent Demos - 1.2
- Added: New Event / Conference Demo
Exponent 1.0.3 - 6th March 2019
Included Latest Version of Tatsu & Exponent Demos Plugin

Tatsu -
- Fixed - Saving a Page now preserves its Status & Visibility settings. ( Does not publish automatically )
- Fixed Post Page empty p tag issue

Exponent Demos - 1.1
- New Book Demo added
Exponent 1.0.2 - 19th Feb 2019
Included Latest Version of Tatsu

Tatsu -
- Added Section Shape Divider z-index
- Added Full Screen and Custom Height Section Vertical Alignment option
- Fixed Tatsu loading issue with Multi-Layer Image
- Added Single & Multi-Image - Drop Shadow
- Added Gallery - Multi Image Picker array Reverse
v1.0.1 - 12th Feb 2019
Exponent 1.0.1
- Updates to Tatsu, Exponent Modules & BE Grid Plugins

Tatsu - 2.9.3
- NEW Column Shape Dividers
- NEW Rotating Text module with Typewriter effect
- Added Autoplay option for Video Module

BE Grid - 1.1
- Fixed: Issue when changing Portfolio Post Type Slug

Exponent Modules- 1.1
- Fixed: Unwanted Loading of Youtube API script
v1.0 - 6th Feb 2019
Initial Release