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What Fast Blog is?

Fast Blog is a WordPress theme with some extra tumblr-like features. It’s perfect for easy blogging and thanks to the WooTumblog plugin (included) you can add posts quickly even from a mobile phone. There are 6 types of posts:

  • article
  • image
  • link
  • audio
  • video
  • qoute

or you can create regular WordPress posts and pages too.

Fast Blog can also work as a regular website.
There is also no need to install WooTumblog plugin, theme works without it with no problem at all.

More features

  • 4 widgets
  • 106 social media icons
  • 5 shortcodes with over 100 variations
  • full width page template
  • Cuf√≥n font replacement
  • AJAX contact form (with validiation) working out of the box
  • fast, clear, CSS-only, multi-level menu
  • full translations support
  • threaded comments
  • nice Twitter and Flickr implementation (with very important buffering system to avoid exceeding the requests limit and to speed up page loading)
  • Google Analytics support (or another tracking system)


Fast Blog 1.7.4 (6 Sep 2015)
  • WordPress 4.3 fixes
  • increased minimal required WordPress version to 3.9
Fast Blog 1.7.3 (11 Feb 2015)
  • added support for WordPress 4.1 title-tag
  • updated theme’s code to fit current WordPress standards
  • increased minimal required WordPress version to 3.4
  • fixed wrong meta of a post if Facebook plugin is active
  • other minor changes
Fast Blog 1.7.2
  • added option to disable footer menu
  • added option to disable post tags
  • fixed wrong URL in a protected post authorization form
  • other minor changes
Fast Blog 1.7.1
  • added support for Theme Options phrases translations for WPML plugin
  • WordPress 3.8 fixes
  • other minor changes
Fast Blog 1.7
  • new and improved Twitter widget with API 1.1 support
  • improved Flickr widget
  • Twitter/Flickr widgets and update noticer doesn’t require PHP allow_url_fopen option to work anymore
  • fixes in the documentation
  • minor style changes in CSS
  • fixed missing text domains in some places
  • fixed Strict Standards notices

Complete changelog can be found in the theme’s documentation.