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Ikebana – Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme

Ikebana – Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme


Ikebana - Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme - 1

Ikebana is a premium WordPress portfolio theme created by Satori Studio. Our aim was to develop a minimal, clean, and aesthetically pleasing, yet stable, powerful, and highly customizable theme to use for agency websites, personal portfolios, photography or art showcases, as well as personal blogs and Pinterest-type collections. Ikebana is a responsive and retina-ready theme, which means your website will be equally usable and good-looking on both large monitors, laptops, tablet devices, and smartphones, including those with high-definition screens.

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Works like a dream! May the tears of unicorns shower down upon you. [Alextynemouth]

Theme Highlights

Infinite scroll (from version 2.0) – a modern alternative to pagination:

Ikebana - Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme - 2

Set any size for the portfolio items:

Ikebana - Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme - 3

Set any margin between the portfolio items:

Ikebana - Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme - 4

Portfolio elements adjust automatically to any screen size:

Ikebana - Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme - 5

Retina-ready – crisp graphics on high-resolution devices:

Ikebana - Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme - 6

Set any color for any element:

Ikebana - Masonry WordPress Portfolio Theme - 7

Other Theme Features

Full package | Works out of the box – just install the theme, activate the included plugins, and you are ready to go create!

Theme options panel | All theme customization is done through the unbranded theme options panel – no coding knowledge required.

10 masonry box dimensions | Any single portfolio masonry item box can be set to one of the 10 available dimensions (new in version 3.0): 1×1, 1×2, 2×1, 2×2, 2×3, 3×2, 3×3, 2×4, 4×2, 3×4, 4×3, 4×4.

Unlimited styles | Make your website truly yours – change the color and font of any element. Ikebana comes with integrated Google Fonts – you can choose from over 500 varieties.

Fully responsive | Mobile-friendly websites are no longer a fad – if your website does not adapt to smaller screen sizes, you are missing out!

Page layouts | Choose from 7 custom page layouts, including portfolio, blog posts page, full-width, left-sidebar, right-sidebar pages, as well as individual layouts for archive pages and the 404 page.

Post layouts | You can set one of three layouts (“right-sidebar”, “left-sidebar”, or “full-width”) for every individual post and portfolio item.

Post formats | Ikebana supports 7 pre-styled post formats for both portfolio projects and blog posts: “standard”, “image”, “video”, “gallery”, “quote”, “link”, and “aside”.

Custom backgrounds | Customize the background of the website – you can choose between a solid color fill, a repeating texture, or a background image.

Textures and icons | Wide choice of custom textures and icons included in the theme package.

Powerful shortcodes | Content columns, buttons, labels, quotes, tabs, charts, embedded media, and many more – easily add any of the 38 available shortcodes using the shortcode generator, directly from the content editor.

Contact form builder | Create customized contact forms using the form builder directly from the content editor and insert anywhere using shortcodes. A specialized widget is also available.

Easy translation | Localize your website – use the built-in interface to translate any hard-coded string into other languages (or change the wording of the string in the same language if you wish). A ready-made .po file is also included in the theme package.

Custom menu | Ikebana has one pre-set menu area which supports second- and third-level submenus.

Widget-ready | Areas for widgets in the sidebar and footer – add standard or custom widgets.

Unlimited sidebars | Add an unlimited number of customized sidebars to replace any of the widget areas. You can create sidebars and configure defaults for posts, pages, frontpage, category listings, etc, as well as assign a particular custom sidebar to any individual page.

Custom widgets | Four custom widgets included: Twitter updates, recent posts with thumbnails, shortcodes, and social connections with custom-made icons.

Google analytics | Built-in support for Google Analytics – insert your Google Analytics account code from the theme options panel to monitor and analyze traffic stats.

SEO-optimized | Google and other search engines will love your website – make full use of the search traffic thanks to optimized titles, tags, dynamic content, and many more.

Child theme support | Child themes are the most efficient way to customize a theme, separating your changes from official theme updates. A starter child theme is included in the Ikebana package.

Icon font integrated | Ikebana comes with Font Awesome – a versatile icon font to produce icons that can be styled with common CSS and look equally good on high-resolution displays.

Detailed user manual | Full description of how to install, setup, and customize the theme is found in the extensive user manual which is included in the theme package.

Dedicated support | Have questions? – visit our support forums, we will be happy to help you!

Media Used in the Preview

Smartphone Glove by Cog Log Lab, Sakurako Using Stylus Pen by Miki Yoshihito, Traditional Cell Phone vs Smartphone by Takashi Hososhima, Bonsai by Bob | P-&-S, Bonsai Training by Joe Newman, Bonsai by Carol Browne, Bonsai Bud by Dayna Bateman, Artisan Sake Maker by Shinsuke Ikegame, Leather Jacket M8 by Nokton, Tatami Weaver’s Workbench by Matthew Bednarik, Group Work by Kazumissimi, Power Button in the Hinge by Neonarcade, Paper Prototype by Rodolphe Courtier, Home Office by Marko Pakoeningrat, Poster by Joe Jones,
Afternoon Ritual by Dave Fayram, Green Development by Tom Page, Creative Director by Sean Hagen, Subtle Wacom by Marcus Jeffrey, Tablet by Bark,
Bootcamp by Sebastiaan ter Burg, Whiteboard by Sebastiaan ter Burg, Photos by Unsplash


Meet Malbox by Mailbox, Beck’s Green Box Project by Outside Line / Saatchi & Saatchi, Instagram’s New Hyperlapse Ad by Tech Crunch.

Special thanks to Inga for being my muse.


Version 3.5
1. Redesigned mobile menu.
2. Updated the fancybox code to stay compatible with the WordFence Security plugin.
3. Improved the sizing of masonry tiles on smaller screens.

Version 3.4
1. Updated Isotope to version 2.
2. Added an option for link-format projects to open the links in the same tab.
3. Fixed post format overlays icons on standard format posts with no thumbnails.
4. Fixed „gallery“ format projects that appear after Infinite Scroll.

Version 3.3
1. Added next/previous navigation links to portfolio projects.
2. Added the capability to play videos directly from masonry tiles.
3. Fixed masonry tile background color setting bug for tiles that contain text.
4. Improved mouse behaviour on portfolio tiles on mobile iOS.
5. Fixed the Twitter Widget plugin code that generated error messages.

Version 3.2
1. Added 3x1 and 1x3 masonry tile sizes.
2. Removed shortcode symbols from search results.
3. Updated Font Awesome scripts.
4. Upgraded the Google Analytics tracking code to Universal Analytics.
5. Fixed row height for masonry layouts with large first tile.
6. Fixed Theme Customizer view.
7. Fixed portfolio content width on smaller screens.
8. Corrected footer width on portfolio tag pages.
9. Updated the TWEETS shortcode to match the current Twitter API.

Version 3.1
1. Fixed duplicate sticky posts and tag header tile issue for the infinite scroll feature.
2. Set the height of portfolio tiles equal to width on mobile screens.
3. Fixed the tag cloud for portfolio project tags.
4. Added a Perfect Masonsy plugin for better tesselation of portfolio item boxes.
5. Fixed CSS for footer width.    
6. Fixed large box widths in the portfolio grid on smaller screens. 
7. Fixed caption mechanism on „standard“, „link“, and „video“ format projects.
8. Fixed link format portfolio item overlays.
9. Fixed header width algorithm in cases when website maximum width has been set.

Version 3.0
1. Added 10 more portfolio item box sizes.
2. Improved admin styling to comply with the WP3.8 visuals.
3. Revised the thumbnail sourcing code in the „image“ format projects and posts.
4. Added Theme Options for portfolio item excerpt background and font colors.
5. Added styles required for correct rendering of Google’s authoring standards.
6. Fixed links for portfolio item tags that consist of more than 1 word.

Version 2.2
1. Added an option to sort portfolio projects in menu order.
2. Updated the theme’s language files.
3. Fixed a bug with setting individual portfolio project backgrounds.
4. Removed extra background color from active icon menu items on mobile screens.
5. Fixed Fancybox styles file.

Version 2.1
1. Improved the search results template.
2. Improved the „gallery“ post format (added possibility of featured images, text).
3. Added unclickable image functionality to „aside“ format projects.
4. Added possibility to display page content above projects in portfolio page template.
5. Tweaked the portfolio tag header 2x1 tile to always show before sticky projects.
6. Fixed third-level submenu positioning CSS.
7. Improved attachment processing code for „image“ project and post format.
8. Added a hover color option for the header social icons.
9. Fixed CSS rules for the sidebar on smaller screens.

Version 2.0
1. Added the Infinite Scroll feature.
2. Added an option to tell an icon menu item to reset the portfolio filter.
3. Added extended character sets for fonts.
4. Added a backend option to set the maximum content width.
5. Improved behaviour on smartphone screens.
6. Added Theme Options setting to tile icon menu on smaller screens.
7. Added Theme Options setting to change hover overlay background color for projects.
8. Fixed the default page template behaviour.

Version 1.6
1. Re-written the algorithm for content width, eliminating the jumpy loading procedure.
2. Fixed icon menu behaviour in combination with certain Theme Options settings.
3. Enabled full version of the icon menu for landscape dimensions of tablets (1024px).
4. Allowed filters and custom links to work together for icon menu items.

Version 1.5
1. Fixed fancybox image overlay bug in child theme.
2. Fixed body side margin behaviour on smallest mobile screens. 
3. Fixed bug which prevented from resizing in Chrome (Ctrl+mousewheel).
4. Fixed logo positioning algorithm on certain combinations of Theme Options settings.

Version 1.4
1. Upgraded icon menu to work properly with tags that have multi-word names.
2. Fixed the Theme Options setting for the in-text headings color.
3. Fixed the slider in the „gallery“ project format large-size portfolio boxes.
4. Enabled textual content in „gallery“ format projects and posts.

Version 1.3
1. Enabled hiding/displaying project format icon overlays for individual formats.
2. Added a Theme Options setting for font size and line height for portfolio boxes.
3. Added a Theme Options field for uploading custom images for the blockquote icon.
4. Added a setting for text color of URLs in "link" format posts and projects.
5. Fixed the white-space property for icon menu text labels (disallow line breaks).
6. Fixed body font thickness setting in Theme Options.
7. Fixed the behaviour of the „width“ attribute of the [gmaps] shortcode.
8. Fixed the menu margin for the cases when no logo has been uploaded.
9. Included the background color of the mobile version of the icon menu into the „Content background color“ Theme Options setting.

Version 1.2
1. Updated the Twitter widget following the change in Twitter’s API.
2. Added several ordering options for portfolio items into the Theme Options panel.
3. Added excerpts and captions to portfolio items of the format „link“.
4. Added an option to choose custom background colors for individual project items.
5. Fixed IE8 compatibility for portfolio item backgrounds.
6. Fixed the handling of multiple gallery slider projects on portfolio pages.
7. Fixed Theme Options panel styling for child themes.
8. Fixed the function displaying custom social icons in the header.
9. Fixed the input background color option to be also applied to header search form.

Version 1.1
1. Fixed a layout bug with default page template.
2. Added a full-size background image option to the Theme Options panel.

Version 1.0
Initial release.