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Magazine WordPress theme – MagWP is a perfect WordPress theme for magazines, personal blogs, newspapers, product reviews, content publishers or even Mag WP can be used for niche sites with curated contents.

MagWP is the first and the only WordPress theme to use the same technology of the world’s best online magazines and newspapers (MagWP – The combination of NYTimes, Bloomberg, Mashable, Lifehack and all).

The magazine template MagWP has redefined the definition of online publishing and online magazine with better performance, cleaner design, faster load speed and sleeker experience.

ThimPress - Power Elite Author

Magie | Magazine WordPress Theme - 7

Magazine WP Theme - Mobile First Philosophy

With more people using the Internet on mobile than ever, optimize for mobile devices and for video is a must. We built MagWP with a mobile-first philosophy in mind, applying Google’s newest mobile standard – AMP, maximizing experience for all content types on all devices. Your video news, blog posts or even image articles will be more lively and genuine than ever before. Besides, following all Google’s SEO practices and guidelines, MagWP will make your website more Search Engine Optimized than most other newspaper WordPress themes.

Magazine WP Theme - 10 Stylish demo for all niches
Mag WP - demo1Mag WP - demo2Mag WP - demo3Mag WP - demo4Mag WP - demo5Mag WP - demo6Mag WP - demo7demo8Mag WP - demo9Mag WP - demo10

10 modern designs and layouts
4 article layouts for WordPress blogs
The Fatest Magazine WordPress Theme
Simple,easy and fast
Integrate with WooCommerce
Visual Composer
Powerful control with less effort - Magazine WP
Theme Customizer for Mag WP
Premium Features for Mag WP Theme
Slide In Suggestion for Mag WP Theme

☑️ Forget all the traditional boring sites, MagWP will bring the best reading experience to your patrons and profit to you, the site owner as well. When a reader finishes an article, he can no longer click the Back button to the home page anymore to find out what’s more to read. Now with the assistance of Slide in suggestion, the most relevant piece of writing will appear as a small adorable reminder at the precise time. And the reader apparently can’t resist on clicking to explore what’s next. It is proven to help increase 30% of your visitors’ time on site.

Infinite Scrolling

☑️ It can be seen on most of famous web blogs and newspapers, but MagWP is the first and the only news WordPress Theme for Magazines that implements a Slide-in feature to the core. NO NEED ANY EXTRA MONEY to install the plugin. It’s all on us – you just buy the theme, and we will do the rest for you.

Infinite scrolling - Magazine WP Theme

Reading progress

☑️ You may not notice, but sometimes, a tiny detail can play the major role in attracting the visitor to your site. And Reading Progress bar could possibly be one of this kind. A small bar put at the top of the article lets the reader know how much they have been reading with amazing effect, which hopefully fascinates the readers. This function is only available on MagWP Magazine WordPress Theme.

Being Fast Isn’t Enough. MagWP is faster.

Fastest magazine wordpress theme

As mentioned above, MagWP is optimized for all devices with the purpose of giving you and your visitor the highest satisfaction, with the best performance possible. Even better, with enhanced AJAX technology embedded in the core of the theme, almost all sections on your digital magazine will load instantly without having to reload the page. Having this seamless browsing experience, your blog will feel natural, and comfortable to your users. Nothing’s better than grab your phone now and experience yourself how awesome this magazine theme looks on your phone, how fast and clean it is!

WordPress theme for magazine and newspaper

Easier searching with AJAX Smart Search: Improve interaction between users and the site, make it faster, smoother with the combined help of XML, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Ajax Login/ Register system: customize the login/ register form with very simple steps. Short codes for easier editing and writing: no difficulty in controlling the page without massive knowledge in coding. Bonus WP Pipes auto blog plugin and its bundle: this new plugin is now integrated in MagWP, showing the best performance for online newspapers and magazines in editorials or content order.

A social theme that promotes sharing.

  • Sign up form inline articles: Your news could be shared broader and faster to your potential patrons via emails.
  • Social counter widget: The theme stays connected with the most popular social networks to make the blog shareable at any time.
  • Integrated Submit posts button with different Editor Roles: One special feature of this theme is that visitors can upload their own story with different roles. This feature can develop your site in a more friendly way.
  • Rating and Reviewing at ease: Like other services, ratings and reviews are two essential parts to gain trust and loyalty from visitors; and MagWP is ready to help you with it.

Maximize Control with the least effort


Maximize Control with the least effort - Mag WP Theme

One click install sample data

Magazine WordPress Theme - One Click Install

Auto Updates

Our customers never have to worry about whether it is the time to get the update version of the product, because with ThimCore, this part is automatic. Save time for both of us!

Intuitive Theme Appearance Setting using Theme Customizer

ThimCore lets you get the full power in managing your own site. The theme is customizable and can be adjusted as you wish.

The Best Ads Optimized WordPress Themes

Mag WP - The Best Ads Optimized WordPress Themes

When you have a great SEO WordPress theme like MagWP, Ads become one great source of revenue for you. This theme is highly optimized for Ads – Banner ads, Text Ads, HTML5 Ads, Google Adsense Ads, etc. With: Many Ads placement, tracking code, Ads management plugins, and above all, ads settings in every widget, every module to help you maximize your profit.

  • Ads in place of the article, looks like article to increase CTA
  • Ads before any content
  • Ads in between articles when scrolling using infinite scrolls
  • Floating ads on sidebar, along with the article
  • Advert inline post content. Click here to learn how to automatically add Adverts inside post content


  • Visual Composer: Use Drag and Drop to design your site
  • contact form 7 & MailChimp for wp support
  • Ad box widget
  • Left menu bar
  • Top Headline bar
  • Sticky menu

A Five-Star Support Team

Besides the high quality of every product that ThimPress has been always trying to introduce you so far, we are very proud of the hard-working and notable support team. They are all enthusiastic and available for your every query. Our supporters are the most patient persons in the world, ready to deal with any matter you may meet once you have chosen our themes. An excellent product goes with a superb customer service is what we bear in mind all the time – that’s how we built our reputation.


Because MagWP is a newly-born theme, there hasn’t any rating or review yet. But the brand ThimPress has built over the years can be the proof of the quality, especially the feedback and compliments that customers give us. Our themes have served for over 15,000 people, and almost all of them have rated us five stars. This significant number cannot tell a lie. They are satisfied with our service.

Mag WP Theme - Testimonals


Our aforementioned support team has worked really hard to assist customers and tackle millions of issues to satisfy our demographics. We create a set of detailed documentation together with tutorial video and a forum support to make our customer find it simplest in using our products.

documentation forum


We are sure to tell you that you never get outdated with MagWP. It is frequently updated to ensure there will be no bug in your environment. All of the technology we provide you are the best and the latest.


Full Feature List

  • AMP READY – For better SEO and faster loading on Mobile
  • 10+ homepage demos include one-click importer.
  • 10+ page layout
  • 4 different article layouts
  • The best theme for auto post, auto blog, and curated content – works with WP Pipes
  • Lazy Image Load
  • Share buttons
  • Social counter widget
  • Disqus comment system
  • Contact Form
  • Customized Video Player
  • Awesome slider
  • Drag & Drop page builder with Visual Composer
  • Support custom widgets and many columns layouts
  • Fully responsive support
  • 600+ fonts and 700+ icons
  • Highly Performance Optimized
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Contact form 7 supported
  • WPML ready
  • Amazing Menu with Mega Menu
  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • Credit Demo Images: Unsplash; Description infinite scroll: Artrayd
  • And so much more!

What now?

Are you still having thoughts or questions about this theme? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the comment tab and we will give you our best support we can give.

Hesitation will get you nowhere. Join the Magazine WP community now!


Magazine WordPress Theme 1.0.6 – 2017-05-18

+ Updated: Gallery for post has background.
+ Fixed: Off-Canvas Menu.

Magazine WordPress Theme 1.0.5 – 2017-04-25

+ Updated: Option to display related posts by category.
+ Updated: Clickable for images on Featured News.
+ Updated: Mega menu style.
+ Updated: Responsive.
+ Updated: UI/UX.
+ Fixed: Toggle menu item in single post.
+ Fixed: Background image for boxed layout.
+ Fixed: Logo height, single default layout.
+ Fixed: Sticky Sidebars.

Magazine WordPress Theme 1.0.4 – 2017-04-19

+ Updated: Typography.
+ Updated: Optimize options for Thim News shortcode.
+ Updated: Mega menu Layout Column.
+ Fixed: Masonry home page.
+ Fixed: Social share.
+ Fixed: Process bar in single post.
+ Fixed: Sticky menu, sticky logo.
+ Fixed: Retina logo.

Magazine WordPress Theme 1.0.3 – 2017-04-13

+ Added: New Header Style.
+ Added: Primary color for shortcodes.
+ Added: Maintain Page.
+ Added: New icon for shortcodes.
+ Updated: Thim Core new version.
+ Updated: Mega menu CSS.
+ Updated: Login form on mobile.
+ Updated: Responsive for shortcode "Featured News".
+ Updated: UI/UX
+ Fixed: Error duplicate video in single post.
+ Fixed: Error layout masonry blog page.
+ Fixed: Error get posts by category for shortcode "Featured News".

Magazine WordPress Theme 1.0.2 – 2017-03-30

+ Added: WhatsApp and Email in floating share.
+ Updated: Thim MagWP v1.0.2.
+ Updated: UI/UX
+ Fixed: Error can't change Disqus Shortname
+ Fixed: Error display drafts in search results and shortcodes.
+ Fixed: Error layout masonry home page.

Magazine WordPress Theme 1.0.1 – 2017-03-28

+ New: Support WooCommerce.
+ Updated: Thim Mag WP plugin.
+ Fixed: Error CSS on Safari browser.
+ Fixed: Error on PHP 5.3.
+ Fixed: Enhance UI/UX.
+ Fixed: Editor visual mode. (Please update Thim Mag WP 1.0.1 or latest)

Magazine WordPress Theme 1.0.0 – 2017-02-27

+ Released The Best Newspaper WordPress Theme.