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Me – OnePage Portfolio


Now compatible and works well with the latest version of WordPress!

Me – responsive portfolio theme for WordPress!

Hi there! This is the wordpress version of the five star rated html template called “Me”. It designed and built with user experience in mind! It is an easy-to-use wordpress theme with detailed documentation, and tutorial videos. If you need a website to showcase your work, just buy Me:)


  • Online documentation
  • Online tutorial videos
  • Responsive layout. The “Me” looks flawlessly on a wide range of devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc.
  • Retina Ready Graphics
  • Elegant, minimal style
  • The theme supports full width background images ( since version 3.0 )
  • Retina ready background patterns
  • Powerful portfolio system
    • filterable elements, powered by the Quicksand plugin
    • you can edit the categories
    • five available shapes for the thumbnails ( circle, cube, landscape, portrait, oval )
    • the item pages are loaded via ajax ( no page reload -it’s cool! )
    • you can add slider, youtube, and vimeo video to the single items
    • View this screenshot!
  • 70+ available fonts
  • Fully translate ready
  • Fully compatible with the popular Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Fully working, and completely customizable ajax contact form
  • Cross browser, it works everywhere (ie8+)
  • Compatibility: WP 3.1.3. and above ( maybe compatible with older wp too, but I didn’t test it )

Getting support

If you have an issue that you can’t solve yourself and can’t find answer in the documentation (or in the tutorial videos), feel free to contact me on my official support page, or send me an email via the contact form on my profile page.


version 3.8.4 – 22 June, 2016

*new feature : lightbox gallery for portfolio
*fixed : pagination on categories and search results pages 

version 3.8.3 – 26 February, 2016

* fixed: service circle links
* new feature: optional page url option for the service items
* new feature: optional page url option for the portfolio items

version 3.8.2 – 10 February, 2016

* fixed: slider issues under iOS and Safari
* fixed: portfolio slider update issues
* improved: new and more reliable, css3 driven preloader

version 3.8.1 – 12 January, 2016

* improved: cleaner and more reliable code
* new feature: two new text sections have added to homepage options

version 3.8 – 01 December, 2015

*fixed: mobile menu line colors ( they were invisible with darker backgrounds )
*fixed: wpml config file
*fixed: contact info in the template-contact.php file
*fixed: list element margins inside a blog post
*improved: media manager for theme options

version 3.7.1 – 30 June / 2015

*fixed: portfolio layout for screens narrower than 480px
*fixed: some of the esc_attr() filters have been replaced with wp_kses()

version 3.7 – 29 April / 2015

* fixed: portfolio categories with WP 4.2 and above
* fixed: portfolio slider "blink" bug
* removed: Analytics code theme option
* removed: unnecessary touch icon options
* improved: mobile navigation
* improved: the entire code has been re-visited and refreshed to make it compatible with the latest release ( 4.2.1 ) of WordPress

version 3.6.1 – 02 March / 2015

* fixed: portfolio slider arrows

version 3.6 – 22 February / 2015

* fixed: double loading issue on ajax loaded elements
* fixed: iPhone6 compatibility and some mobile styles
* fixed: removed unused css code that was related to old browsers ( ie7 - ie8 )
* fixed: deprecated javascript code have been removed or replaced / refreshed
* fixed: problems with tooltips on touch screens
* fixed: HD theme screenshot for the admin side
* New feature: preloader effect
* New feature: video support for the main slider
* New feature: fitvids integration
* New feature: slider adjust its height automatically, so the slider height option has removed
* New feature: social icons for the about section, so different social profiles can be added to each person
* New feature: Behance and Flickr social icons
* New feature: auto gray-scale option for the portfolio
* New feature: four new shapes for the portfolio thumbnails
* New feature: service circles became clickable
* New feature: Helvetica, Comic Sans and Courier New have added to the font list

version 3.5 – 12 June / 2014

* New feature: category descriptions can be shown in the portfolio
* Fixed: slider alignment on mobile devices
* New feature: text sections now allow shortcodes
* New feature: GitHub icon
* Improved documentation

version 3.4 – 16 December / 2013

* changed: admin styles due to the new look of WP 3.8
* new feature: SounCloud option for the portfolio and a SoundCloud social icon for the contact page
* new feature: three new text sections
* new feature: retina ready background patterns
* new feature: full screen option for the portfolio items

version 3.3 – 7 November / 2013

* minor changes in the archive.php, search.php and lib/admin/admin_scripts.php files
* Fixed: the results of the custom css option were not shown well in the version 3.2

version 3.2 – 3 November / 2013

* The code has been re-structured, every outdated coding practices has been replaced, now the theme 100% compatible with the latest WordPress standards.
* new feature: editable comment form validation
* custom avatar option removed

version 3.1.1 – 21 October / 2013

*fixed: retina ready icons under iOS7

version 3.1 – 16 August / 2013

*new feature: the order of the homepage sections can be changed via the admin interface
*new feature: retina ready graphics
*new feature: an option for the copyrigh text
*new feature: contact form 7 compatibility
*renewed services section

version 3.0 – 21 May / 2013

*fixed: the theme is now much more plugin friendly!
*fixed: the max-width of the logo has increased
*new feature:  full width background image support
*new feature: : 34 new background patters
*changed: new method for the contact form validation

version 2.1.1 – 26 December / 2012

*fixed: the css output of the menu font color & size options didn't work well in the version 2.1

version 2.1 – 20 December / 2012

*fixed: css bug at the recent posts widget
*new feature:  home page video option

version 2.0 – 10 December / 2012

* renewed portfolio system: 4 new layouts for the portfolio items, you can turn off the filter, you can turn off the black overlay from the admin, you can change the "All projects" string form the admin
* renewed services: you can change the layout of the services section from the admin, the color of the "dark circles" can be changed form the admin, the previous "description" metabox has replaced a WYSIWYG editor ( html tags allowed now )
* new feature: Much user friendly theme options
* new feature: WPML ready ( contains the wpml-config.xml file )
* Much clever blogging system

version 1.2 – 4 July / 2012

* Fixed: iPhone "auto zoom" bug
* Fixed: iPad navigation bug
* Improved: Portfolio info button is more intelligent now.
* Improved: Portfolio slider/video. Now you can increase the width of the media elements in the portfolio items.

version 1.1.2 – 16 June / 2012

* Fixed: WP 3.4 didn't accept the custom page templates
* Fixed: line 73 changed in the comments.php file ( there was a missing <?php tag )

version 1.1.1 – 28 May / 2012

* Fixed: Portfolio tool tip bug

version 1.1 – 25 May / 2012

* new feature: a second menu location for the inner pages. You are able to add inner pages
much easier than before, and you don't have to drop the page scroll effect on the 
homepage anymore! I think it is a big plus.
* Fixed: hidden menu alignment
* Fixed: portfolio tooltips
* Fixed: section title backgrounds
* Fixed: double <p> tag bug on the about page template
* Fixed: portfolio loading effect improved

22 April / 2012 – Initial release

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