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MetaFans – Community & Social Network BuddyPress Theme

MetaFans – Community & Social Network BuddyPress Theme


MetaFans Community Network Theme version 3.0 is live! This outstanding version provides a wide range of features and improvements. The features list exceeds the possibilites beyond all the previous features and all other themes on the marketplace. We have introduced Acitivity Post pop-up panel, that allows you to add your posts more smartly, choose your preferred default layouts, choose a post accessibility, Edit posts even more smartly and Save to favourites. Create own photos album and save then and share them when you like it. Search Your Desired content more sophistically in the header and site.


Social networking & community theme for your WordPress site!

We have carefully crafted this theme for you to have all you need to build an incredible community with full profiles, verification badges, reactions, groups, badges, quests, ranks, credits, and much more to come!

Metafans empowers your social profile connecting to friends and increasing followers

Social Community Powered By Buddypress With the advantages of the Buddypress plugin we extended it with reactions, shares, media, and much more!

Incredible Gamification with Gamipress Metafans has created a full gamification experience with badges, quests, credits, and ranks to give an awesome experience to your users!

Design with elementor page builder All pages are carefully crafted to fit all you may need! Also, we include demo data to our API to get an unleash experience

Super Flexible Profile & Activity Pages

Metafans provides a super complete profile page with an elegant design, boxes, and a slider for easier access to all profile sections like: about, badges unlocked, images, quests completed, posts, and much more!. You’ll also find other community pages, like activity, complete profile settings, members and groups directory, and much more!.

Renovated Profile Status Updates Form!

We renovated the Buddypress status update box! Easily upload photos, GIFs. post status updates, edit your posts, and even link Youtube videos just by pasting the URL!!
You’ll count with a wide range of both status update and activity posts (like when someone becomes your friend). You’ll also have the option to mark your posts as pinned, favorite and private, all easily recognizable with our custom icons!

Gamipress: Badges Gamification

Using the Gamipress Achievements feature we composed a badges policy where you can unfasten them and earn credits to unlock profile ranks! You can also insolently show them in your profile with the badge widget!

Gamipress: Quests Gamification

Using the Gamipress Achievements feature we also produced a searches system where you can complete them and earn credits to unlock profile ranks! Like the badges, you can proudly show them in your profile with the quests widget!

Gamipress: Credits & Coins Gamification

Using the Gamipress Points feature we created three different credits: Gold, Gems, and Emeralds. Use them to unlock new ranks and level up! You can proudly show them in your profile with the credits widget and also you’ll be able to always see your current balance on the top bar.

Gamipress: Ranking Gamification

Using the Gamipress Ranks feature we created a 6 ranks system where you can “level up” by collecting credits and completing requirements! We’ve also linked your rank number and progress to profile avatars! You’ll be able to quickly see each user’s rank and progress via the outer progress bar.

Amazing Blog Page with Reactions

A complete blog with 3 different views: list, small grid, and big grid to help people quickly search their favorite post. We prepared different post types like standard, video, audio and gallery and three different open post views.
Also, like with the Buddypress post updates, we added reactions so people can show what they think about it!

Incredible Groups with Easy Management

So your users don’t have to make changes via the WordPress panel, we created an author hub where they can easily change their avatar, cover photo, social networks, personal information, and much more!

Stylish Author Hub Management

Easily create and manage Buddypress groups! Inside the author hub we created an stylish management system so you can easily create and manage your groups, promote authors to mods or admins, check invitations, and more!
As part of our documentation, we created a lot of videos to help you with the setup and customization of every part of our theme, you can check all those videos here on the top banner.
Please ask us all questions that you need before buying!

Changelog & Update History

= 3.3.5: 28 MAY 2023 =

  • FIX : Updated demo import, demo access issue..
  • FIX : Minor CSS issues and PHP issues fixed.

= 3.3.4: 17 APRIL 2023 =

  • UPDATE : Updated theme demo data import features and fixed the previous issues.
  • FIX : Icon rendering issues in buttons.
  • FIX : Minor CSS issues and PHP issues fixed.

= 3.3.1: 11 OCTOBER 2022 =

  • FIX : New Registration activation mail issues

= 3.3.0: 21 SEPTEMBER 2022 =

  • NEW – Added toaster notification popup from Notification page.
  • NEW – Navigation new icon set
  • FIX : Link post issue
  • FIX : Login form issue
  • FIX : Core plugin fatal error
  • FIX : Notification delete issue.
  • Fixed : Navigation Issue

= 3.2.0: 25 AUG 2022 =

  • FIX : Demo data issue
  • FIX : Activity Loading issues.
  • Fixed : Some CSS and PHP Error

= 3.1.0: 09 AUG 2022 =

  • FIX : Previously from tophive-core plugin to now metafans-core plugin
  • FIX : Activity edit new line spacing issues.
  • Fixed : Minor CSS and PHP bug fixed

= 3.0.0: 03 AUGUST 2022 : A BIG UPDATE =

  • NEW – Activity Add new PopUp feature: Experience new activity add in a popup mode.
  • NEW – Activity Skeleton Loader: Feel like an alien while surfing your timeline.
  • NEW – Activity Accessibility Features: Make your Activity Public or visible to only friends or make it visible only to you both during posting and editing.
  • NEW – Activity Edit Form: Users can now edit their activity from their timeline.
  • NEW – Added toaster notification.
  • NEW – Added New Login/Registration page with modern styles and designs.
  • NEW – Activity Save: Save your activities in a new way like never before
  • NEW – New action in activity delete: Get a confirmation popup and get delete confirmation message.
  • NEW – Updated the group creation process.
  • NEW – Tooltip: Added tooltips in activity reactions, more options, activity visibility.
  • NEW – Sitewide Search – Implemented search site widely in activities, users, members, topics, forums and search directly from both header and search page.
  • NEW – Activity Save/Unsave – Now you can save or un-save directly into the collection of your favorite posts.
  • NEW – Photos page – Create a photos album, add photos, search for photos, see your photos in the separate tabs and see all photos.
  • NEW – WooCommerce Integration: Add your products and sell them directly from MetaFans.
  • NEW – Added WooCommerce Mini Cart to the header.
  • NEW – Added Metafans Logo.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Color, Typography.
  • FIX – Fixed blank post issues in activity form.
  • FIX – Spacing: Activities widget.
  • FIX – Nav open icon position.
  • FIX – Photos previewer Like count issues.
  • FIX – Autofocus into the comment box on clicking “Comment”
  • FIX – Activity post ‘Read more’ button behavior.
  • FIX – Groups privacy status label.
  • FIX – All button issues in Group creation.
  • FIX – Activity popup fixed header overlying issues.
  • FIX – Login page login button click issues.
  • FIX – After Registration : Confirmation mail
  • FIX – Recover password form issues.
  • FIX – Activity Discard Button and activity form closure Issues.
  • FIX – More options icons.
  • FIX – Removed Unnecessary Codes from css, js & php files.

= 2.7.3: 30 MAY 2022 =

  • NEW : New design for activity
  • Fixed : Imoji and video upload issues
  • Fixed : Minor CSS and PHP bug fixed

= 2.7.1: 28 APRIL 2022 =

  • Fixed : Single Activity CSS issues
  • Fixed : Single activity header issues
  • Fixed : Messenger CSS enqueue issues
  • Fixed : Minor CSS and PHP bug fixed

= 2.7.0: 04 MARCH 2022 =

  • NEW : Comments Image, Hashtag support
  • NEW : Comments Emoji support
  • NEW : New theme layout design
  • NEW : Sidebar design
  • Fixed : CSS and PHP bug fixed

= 2.6.3: 15 JANUARY 2022 =

  • NEW : Introduced hashtag with hashtag search
  • Fixed : Emoji bug fixed both in textarea and activity update
  • Fixed : Spacing issues in members and groups

= 2.6.2: 18 DECEMBER 2021 =

  • Fixed : Notification count on the header
  • Fixed : Profile page navigation section
  • Fixed : Color-picker custom color input
  • Fixed : Messenger mobile issues

= 2.6.1: 25 AUGUST 2021 =

  • Added : Send button in messenger
  • Added : submit button in the comments
  • Fix: Activity posting from mobile devices

= 2.5: 20 JULY 2021 =

  • New: Document uploader in activity and profile
  • New: New demo installer
  • Fix: CSS issues

= 2.4.1: 29 JUNE 2021 =

  • Update: Demo and plugin installer
  • Update: Non loggedin users redirect
  • Fix: PHP issues

= 2.4.0: 22 JUNE 2021 =

  • Update: Youzify Compatibility
  • Fix: PHP issues
  • Fix: CSS issues

= 2.3.2 : 12 JUNE 2021 =

  • Update: New notification functionality and styles
  • Fix: Media viewer next image issue
  • Fix: Demo importing errors

= 2.3.0 : 24 MAY 2021 =

  • New: User profile photos tab, this tab contains all uploaded photos on activity
  • Fix: Media viewer photos comment error
  • Added: Signup Form First name, Gender, Date of birth, Password length controls added in the customizer

= 2.2.2 : 17 MAY 2021 =

  • Fix: Fixed theme upload issues
  • Fix: Fixed Main theme and Child theme naming issues
  • Fix: Header profile fatal error issues

= 2.2.1 : 13 MAY 2021 =

  • Fix: WooCommerce Template issues
  • Fix: Learnpress template issues

= 2.2.0 : 12 MAY 2021 =

  • NEW: Brand New Members’ Profile Page
  • NEW: Members Directory Add Friend and Message
  • Fix: blog single sidebar issues
  • Fix: blog single featured image spacing issues
  • Fix: blog layout responsive issues
  • Fix: Contrast issues in dark versions

= 2.1.0 : 05 MAY 2021 =

  • NEW: Business Demo
  • NEW: Forum Dark Demo
  • Fix: Video autoplay on activity
  • Fix: Post new topic posting redirect to topic after posting. Previously it was static and did not redirect
  • Fix: Activity translations strings
  • Fix: Now videos like youtube, Vimeo URLs will be posted as embedded video in activities
  • Fix: Reset activity form after updating activity

= 2.0.0 : 04 MAY 2021 : A BIG UPDATE =

  • New: Launches Tophive Messenger: For up&up instant messaging. (Completely Free)
  • New: Launches new Vertical Navigation Menu with customizer styling controls
  • New: Tophive Buddypress Activity Share : Share on timeline, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp
  • New: Launches Add friend and Message button on Members directory
  • New: Added Forum Dark Version
  • New: Header builder version 2 added
  • Fix: Share button sharing on own timeline
  • Fix: Friends spelling mistake corrected
  • Fix: Added close button on activity post form
  • Fix: Basic CSS issues.
  • Fix: Spacing issues for activity reactions

= 1.1.1 : 25 April 2021 =

  • New: Paid membership PRO.
  • New: Classified listing.
  • Fix: Profile Activity Media upload issues.
  • Fix: Group activity media upload issues.
  • Fix: Media Pop-up next previous images issues.
  • Fix: Basic CSS issues.
  • Fix: Header notification styling.

= 1.1 : 18 April 2021 =

  • New: Dark version added.
  • New: Added users login page.
  • Fix: Basic CSS issues.
  • Fix: Fixed forum topics count issues.
  • Fix: Fixed forum new topics posting issues.

= 1.0.2 : 15 April 2021 =

  • Features: WooCommerce Compatilibity.
  • Fix: WooCommerce reviews stars rating.
  • Fix: Fixed buddypress forums groups issues.

= 1.0.1 : 11 April 2021 =

  • Fix: Mobile Responsive issues
  • Fix: Buddypress cover image upload issues.
  • Fix: Spacing Issue in members.