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Mynx – Business and Agency

Mynx – Business and Agency


Mynx is a Modern, Unique and Multipurpose WordPress Theme.

  • Form submissions notification, confirmation redirect, autoresponder
  • Use pre-made framework or create design from scratch
  • Build page by mouse or switch to HTML source

Trendy and Stylish Tons of Demos Handmade

View Video Tutorials

No Code Knowledge Require – Build Pages by Mouse Click

40+ Types of elements and 100+ Different Sections & Elements

Mynx Online Documentation

Main global settings

  • Brand color
  • Main google font
  • Main border color
  • Main border width
  • Main border radius

Header global settings

  • Header google font
  • Header color
  • Header font size
  • Header line height
  • Header font weight

Paragraph global settings

  • Paragraph color
  • Paragraph font size
  • Paragraph line height
  • Paragraph font weight

Builder Features

  • CSS styles – fast editing
  • Responsive design – fast editing
  • Unlimited nested layouts
  • Parallax background
  • Video background
  • Gradient background
  • Shape dividers
  • Layered overlays
  • WordPress Widgets – supported
  • Any masonry grid layouts – fast building
  • Any slider layouts – fast building
  • Contact form – fast building with any layout
  • Anchors menu – fast building
  • Sticky header – fast building with any layout
  • Classic table – fast building with any contents
  • Hover overlay – fast building with any layout and with animations
  • Modal dialog – fast building with any layout
  • Scroll animation – simple and flexible
  • Blank Page Template – with header and footer possibility

Online theme documentation

Mynx - Business and Agency - 1
Mynx - Business and Agency - 2

Updates log

new "Single property" demo

new "Agency" demo
new "Interior" demo
new "Wedding" demo

new "Hotel" demo
new "Music" demo

new "Construction" demo
new "Fitness" demo
new "Architecture" demo
demos have possibility provide header/footer for inner pages

connected to online demos library

minor CSS bug fixes
refactoring of elements code

fixes in mynx page builder