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Pond – Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme

Pond – Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme


Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme - 1 Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme - 2 Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme - 3

Update 2.6 is now available

POND is a creative & minimal worpress theme with some unique features which will help you make your project stand out from the crowd. No matter what kind of project you are planning, Pond is the perfect option for you or your client. With all it features you can build something great. It is ultimate flexible with loads of nice options and features. It can be used as a “One Page” Website or a “Multi Page” Website. The theme is RETINA READY and RESPONSIVE.

Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme - 4
Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme - 5
Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme - 6

Pond - Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme - 7

  • Viewport Border
  • 1-CLICK Demo importer
  • Responsive Design
  • Background Parallax Video
  • Retina ready
  • Theme Options panel
  • Parallax Background Image
  • Google Fonts
  • Revolution Slider
  • Page Builder
  • Icons
  • Ready for WP 4.1+
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • Well organised css
  • Lots of Features and Options
  • Video / Audio support
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Cross Browser optimation
  • Google map
  • Well documented

Images / Video Credits

  • Maxim Quoilin
  • Unsplash
  • https://www.behance.net/SebastianBednarek
  • https://dribbble.com/Made_By_Thomas
  • Sam Flaherty
  • Startup & Founder
  • Filip Nordin

* Medias (images,video,audio) are not part of the download


Version 2.6

* NEW: Retina support for google map pin
* OPTIMIZED: pseudo headings (h1,h2,…) by class
* OPTIMIZED: latin-ext for google fonts
* OPTIMIZED: add overlay-simple for team + portfolio of no social or cat
* OPTIMIZED: gallery thumb sizes if fullwidth
* FIX: google API key for maps
* FIX: footer styling when split screen (disable footer freeze in admin js)
* FIX: custom border color for blog page
* FIX: workaround for double click issue on mobile devices
* FIX: spacing on blog page if no padding
* FIX: PHP 7.2 compatible
* UPDATE: Ready for Gutenberg / WordPress 5.0

Version 2.5

* NEW: Instagram + Skype added for team members    
* NEW: Header Color Option (Dark/Light)    
* NEW: Loading Screen Option (Dark/Light)    
* NEW: Menu Screen Option (Dark/Light)    
* UPDATE: updated pace loading script    
* UPDATE: revolution slider    
* OPTIMIZE: use of wp_mail() instead of mail()    
* FIX: isotope issue for new WP 4.4 (srcset not supported by image loaded)    
* FIX: prevend jumping if header is non-overlay    
* FIX: Toggle/Accordion underline when text light    
* FIX: footer issue for split screen     
* FIX: scroll to submenu in mobile (javascript)    
* FIX: safari logo issue on float right    
* FIX: scroll down dark when header light
* FIX: rev slider youtube bg issue (fitvids for page-body & footer)    
* FIX: header show when no-pagetitle    
* FIX: footer issue on split screen (force to content)

Version 2.3.1

* FIX: small logo fix if no border and fixed header (style.css + custom-style)
* FIX: gallery max-width fix
* FIX: hide quote name if empty
* FIX: portfolio star icon if child theme is active
* OPTIMIZE: small glitch on page loader

Version 2.3

* NEW: gallery 1 column
* NEW: revolution slider update
* OPTIMIZE: hover effect for mason gallery
* FIX: font for subtitle doesn't have impact
* FIX: hide line for image links
* FIX: anchor animation for chrome (relative pos for body/html)
* FIX: color issue for icons
* FIX: padding issue for split section 1120px
* FIX: mail issue for team member list
* OPTIMIZE: pixeden fonts lowercase
* OPTIMIZE: fullscreenslider takes full image size instead of 1690px crop

Version 2.2

* NEW: custom portfolio url
* NEW: behance/dribble for team member shortcake
* NEW: author infos for blog posts
* UPDATE: revolution slider plugin
* OPTIMIZE: show header/footer if preloader is disabled (pond-header.js line 93)
* OPTIMIZE: disable resizing of buttons for mobile devices
* OPTIMIZE: go to section issue on safari (?/? before ?#?) 
* OPTIMIZE: background parallax (no repeat) 
* FIX: split screen for mobile devices
* FIX: toggle shortcode

Version 2.1

* NEW: Loop option for carousel shortcode + portfolio
* NEW: Multiple google map on split sections.
* NEW: link decoration for copyright text.
* NEW: comments for portfolio posts
* NEW: footer option ?end of content (no border)?
* OPTIMIZE: bigletter / separator for portfolio item
* OPTIMIZE: disable border animation when preloaded is disabled
* OPTIMIZE: enable revision for portfolio type
* FIX: left margin on traditional menu when left position
* FIX: team shortcode links
* FIX: team mail shortcode delete esc_url because adding ?http://?
* FIX: background poster image bg video
* FIX: video background for split screen bug
* SECURITY: escaped add_query_arg/remove_query_arg (tgm plugin)

Version 2.0

* NEW: Split Screen Option
* NEW: Blog preview content for masonry
* NEW: Main Border Color option
* NEW: Individual Border Color option
* NEW: VK for social added
* NEW: Portfolio sort option
* NEW: Separator option for main title
* NEW: Portfolio carousel option (fullscreen / autoplay)
* NEW: Demo five added
* FIX: rss url
* FIX: light scroll-down non-retina
* FIX: fancybox frame (margin)
* OPTIMIZE: imgOver margin
* OPTIMIZE: Pagebuilder restore
* FIX: Video background if no overlay color
* FIX: Google Map greyscale for left site

Version 1.5

* NEW: Hide bigletter for menu
* NEW: Hide logo on menu
* NEW: Hide social on menu
* NEW: Back to Blog button (similar buck to works)
* NEW: Fullscreen slider options (navigation,autoplay)
* NEW: Scroll-down enabled for Sliders
* NEW: Soundcloud icon for social medias
* OPTIMIZED: Drop-Down Menu for mobile landscape
* FIX: Menu bug if new tab is selected
* FIX: Button hover appearance if on background
* OPTIMIZE: Pagebuilder Edit if html tab is active
* FIX: Enable default wordpress export/import
* CHANGE: Arrow keys for revolution slider
* OPTIMIZED: Scroll Down z-index on fullscreen menu (js)

Version 1.4

* NEW: Fadeout Scroll Down Info
* NEW: anchor for Scroll Down
* NEW: Pagebuilder restore function if error
* NEW: Split Section site choice for mobile devices
* OPTIMIZE: Pagebuilder minor functions
* OPTIMIZE: fullwidth shortcodes for single blog posts
* FIX: Mute button bg video
* FIX: Safari hover effect
* FIX: Shortcode media allows small img
* FIX: menu alignment for non-border mode
* FIX: menu scroll to home

Version 1.3

* NEW: Blog Standard style
* NEW: Blog Categories option for single view
* NEW: Blog Tags option in single view
* NEW: Child Theme
* FIX: Pagebuilder edits
* FIX: Traditional menu when big logo
* FIX: Scroll down img for non-retina devices
* OPTIMIZED: Pagination icon added for blog page

Version 1.2

* NEW: Back to Works button
* NEW: Scroll Down info on full height page title
* NEW: Bullet color for slider shortcode
* NEW: Arrows for slider shortcode
* FIX: PAGEBUILDER major edit fix 
* FIX: Big Logo 
* FIX: Active Home menu item if on top
* FIX: Traditional Menu light on dark choose
* FIX: Text Menu black bg block on dark choose
* FIX: black link on white text
* OPTIMIZED: fonts for mobile

Version 1.1

* FIX: Load More button (js)
* FIX: Hide page loader (js)
* NEW: Menu appearence
* NEW: Header Style (left/right)
* FIX: Contact form confirmation message
* NEW: added website link to team members
* OPTIMIZED: sharing option for portfolio
* FIX: Header bug if no page title

Version 1.0

* Release