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Startuply — Multi-Purpose Startup Theme

Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme


Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 1
Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 2

Launching your startup with WordPress has never been easier, whether you are just building a coming soon page or have a product(s) ready to sell – our complete turn-key StartuplyWP theme got you covered! It is made it with most cutting edge technologies and tools available, however we tried to make it as simple to use as possible, without useless over-complications.

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custom admin panel loaded with tons of options to configure theme core features and fine-tune every corner of your website. Control Smooth scrolling, menu appearance, typography, boxed/fullwidth layouts, 1200/960px grids, dynamic footer sections and much more!


tested on all major handheld devices to achieve maximum responsiveness. Control each column individually with built-in powerful option to fine tune the site appearance on any device.


Change base theme color in one click, colors are applied in soft-mode so you can easily fine tune them for any specific element with your custom CSS or shortcode settings, no !important rules used.


Add background image with optional parallax, fullscreen color overlays with opacity or all of them at once to any container! Useful for creating custom headers for any page with endless possibilities


YouTube videos can be set as a backround for any container in a single click. Powerful controls allow you to play/stop video, enable/disable sound and show/hide controls on page load by default. Tip: you can also add color overlay to video background!


Powerful animation function, enabling animation for any element on the page you see. Choose whether to use animation container and put your content inside or just animate whole Column or even Row, 45+ cool animation effects included with timing/delay controls


Reduce your bounce rate and improve Google rankings as our theme has A grade (90%) for speed & performance out of the box without any caching plugin installed. If you choose to install such plugin, expect your website to reach the speed of light (95%+). Last tested February 2015


Includes beautiful blog layout with each individual element designed from scratch and 5 new custom widgets


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Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 5
Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 6
Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 7
Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 8
Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 9
Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 10
Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 11
Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 12

  • Main Homepage
  • Homepage with fast registration
  • Video Homepage
  • Revolutions Slider Homepage
  • Registration page
  • Icon reference

The basic design/layouts are controlled by utilizing the power of Visual Composer plugin that allows you to quickly create a simple and attractive coming soon/landing/leadgen/page starting from several pre-packaged ones or just from scratch, you can virtually copy almost any design layout of modern website with it.

We tried to make this theme suit every occasion, so whether you just need a coming soon/landing page with subscribers form, or some kind of fast registration (real working user registration that it) or even a bigger lead generation form – it’s easily done in a matter of minutes. Moreover, we have walked an extra mile and implemented something that no theme currently on the market has – Form Manager.

With this shortcode you can put any Contact 7 form (choose from 10+ bundled inside) to any page, adjust settings per each form (show/hide/redirect on submit, add auto-response, add Mailchimp) and even capture all leads from all of them inside your WP admin panel with easy export to CSV/Excel!

And that’s not all.. this theme has something even more – you can accept recurring payments (for SaaS services) as well as launch your digital store (if you sell plugins, ui kits, fonts, icons, e.g.: anything downloadable) in no time! Get sales reporting, add multiple payment gateways, track customers or even get an app to view your sales daily (or minutely  :) if you wish)..

All this is something people have to pay some serious cash normally, but we have bundled all this inside our theme with powerful plugins, lot’s of templates to choose from and customize so ultimately anyone can launch their startup now!

  • 7 Homepage
  • 3 Coming soon pages
  • 12 forms (mailchimp & options)
  • One of a kind “Form manager” included
  • 5 Page templates
  • Blog layouts
  • Optimized for speed
  • 75+ shortcodes
  • 1600+ Icons in 2 fonts
  • 600+ Google Fonts integrated
  • Parallax/Gradient/Video Backgrounds
  • Revolution slider included
  • Visual composer included
  • Masonry portfolio manager
  • WPML Ready
  • Based on 1200px grid (with optional 960px)
  • Fully Responsive
  • Built with Bootstrap 3.2
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3
  • Smooth HTML5 & CSS3 Transitions/Animations
  • Unlimited layouts & colors
  • Cross Browser Compatible (IE 9+, Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera)
  • PSD’s included!
  • Illustrations
  • Seamless icon patterns generator
  • Woman with open sign photo and others
  • Other stock photos

Startuply —  Multi-Purpose Startup Theme - 13


Please leave us a message through this contact form and we will be glad to help!


19 March 2019 update v3.1

- fixed all known bugs
- updated all bundled plugins to latest versions

04 July 2018 update v3.0.10

- fixed some minor issues, mostly styling related
- updated Visual Composer plugin to v5.5.1

05 March 2018 update v3.0.9

 - fixed conflicts with jQuery
 - fixed avatars and paddings for Row issue
 - fixed misc small bugs

29 December 2017 update v3.0.8

 - fixed all known issues 
 - overall code improvement
 - fixed demo content importer
 - improved theme styles and responsiveness
 - fixed compatibility issues with PHP 7.x
 - fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 4.9.x
 - updated Revolusion Slider to v5.4.6
 - updated Visual composer (now WPBakery Page Builder) to v 5.4.5 please remove Visual composer plugin and install a new one from theme prompt

12 September 2017 – Hotfix v3.0.6

 - add additional check if any SEO plugin is present and disable the built-in one
 - refactor logo styles for more flexibility
 - improve blog styles
 - improve form styles

31 August 2017 – Hotfix v3.0.2

 - fix YouTube video fullscreen bug
 - fix caching issues & theme options not updating bug
 - improve responsive styles
 - optimize Google Fonts loading 
 - fix various small bugs & code refactoring

10 August 2017 – Major update v3.0

- greatly improved theme visuals e.g.: design/interactions/animations
- this is a major update were we have refactored most of our theme code to meet better coding/WP best practices please use theme backup before updating just to stay on a safe side! Or contact our support in case of any issues https://themeforest.net/item/startuply-multipurpose-startup-theme/9055667/support
- fixed hundreds of bugs
- add Visual Composer v5.x support 
- updated Visual Composer to v5.2.1
- updated Revolution Slider to v5.4.5
- P.S. in order to get new theme designs you would need to reset your current theme options more details on the update https://themeforest.net/item/startuply-multipurpose-startup-theme/9055667/comments?page=35&filter=all#comment_17201064

19 April 2017 – Hotfix v2.5.5

- updated Visual Composer to v5.1.1

15 March 2017 – Hotfix v2.5.4

- updated Visual Composer to v5.1
- updated Revolution Slider to v5.4.1

28 December 2016 – Hotfix v2.5.3

 - updated Visual Composer to v5.0
 - added WordPress 4.7 compatibility

13 May 2016 – Hotfix v2.5.2

 - fixed sticky menu not being shown (small CSS bug)
 - removed Vivaco ultimate titles from blog entries (single.php)
 - concatenated extra animation CSS files into a single one
 - fixed compatibility with older PHP versions (e.g. 5.3)

19 April 2016 – Hotfix v2.5.1

- fixed compatibility with WordPress 4.5
- fixed "Warning: Cannot modify header information" bug
- updated Visual Composer plugin to version 4.11.2    
- updated Easy digital downloads to version 2.5.12
- updated Contact Form DB plugin to version 2.10.9

30 March 2016 – Major update v2.5

- add Vivaco Modals, very extensive native modal box manager (you can edit modal box contents with Visual Composer too!)
- add Vivaco Page Titles to theme options, change title layout/background/color overlay/add subtitle to all pages and much more
- add Vivaco Page options, override Page Title/Logo/Menu settings from any WP Page http://bit.ly/1q1sJGd
- add new Navigation to theme options, from now on we have 1 global menu object with templates/design that can be overridden with Vivaco Page settings
- add new Homepage: Video promo with modal popup /w video
- add new Homepage: Fixed height
- add configurable widgetized Sub header to theme options
- add configurable widgetized Sub footer to theme options
- add Google Tag Manager to theme options
- add new Google Analytics code theme options
- add Google Analytics Asynchronous tracking snippet on/off Theme options
- add Aweber/CampaignMonitor/GetGesponse/Madmimi API integration to theme Form Manager (use it with any Contact 7 form)
- fix logo crossbrowser issues
- fix dozens of other small theme bugs&issues
- update theme demodata
- update Visual Composer to v4.11.1
- update Slider Revolution to v5.1.6
- update Easy Digital Downloads to v2.5.10
- update Contact 7 to v4.4.1
- update Contact Form DB to v2.10
- overall theme refactoring for better coding standards

31 January 2016 – Hotfix v2.3.9

- Updated Visual Composer to 4.9.1
- Updated Revolution slider to 5.1.6
- Removed EZPay Recurring Payments for EDD plugin (so far the only way to make recurrent working again is to get a plugin from here https://easydigitaldownloads.com/downloads/recurring-payments/) Sorry for the inconvenience guys but we had to do it so since we had a conflict with EDD guys themselves but we are working on resolving it asap!

23 October 2015 – Hotfix v2.3.8

- fix row backgrounds
- fix default values for message box
- fix default values for section title
- fix default values for canvas title
- fix default values for pie charts
- fix default values for counter
- fix default values for all iconpickers in theme
- fix iconpicker font library chooser
- fix Single product Buy link not showing
- fix EDD grid display
- fix minor descrepancies with latest Visual Composer 4.7.x
- update hopefully this is the last "Hotfix" for 2.3.x version tree, gearing up for pushing new 2.5 release

19 October 2015 – Hotfix v2.3.7

- add Theme Customizer support with minimum options (more features coming up next)
- fix for new Tab/Tour/Accordion shortcodes in Visual Composer 4.7+
- fix for footer duplicate widgets
- fix for HTTPS in logo path
- fix for for in navigation/header/footer backgrounds
- fix Text With Icon, CTA, Icon, Pie chart, Button icon rendering
- fix Parallax for Row element
- update Easy Digital Downloads to version 2.4.9

07 October 2015 – Hotfix v2.3.6

- removed Templatera plugin from required plugins list
- added Templatera v1.1.5 to main Plugins folder just in case
- updated Visual Composer to v4.7.4
- updated Easy Digital Downlaods to v2.4.7
- updated Contact 7 to v4.3
- updated Contact Form DB to v2.9.10

23 September 2015 – Hotfix v2.3.5

- add compatibility with Visual Composer 4.7
- updated Visual Composer plugin to 4.7
- updated EasyDigitalDownloads plugin to 2.4.6
- removed all plugins from theme folder (now it loads them externally on install)
- optimized theme files (zip is only ~3mb now)

10 September 2015 – Hotfix v2.3.4

- added back <head> tags
- fixed Pie Chart JS bugs
- updated EasyDigitalDownloads plugin to 2.4.3
- updated TGM Activation class to 2.5.2
- fixed "Disable responsiveness" theme option, now it works better

03 September 2015 – Hotfix v2.3.3

- improved blog/single post responsive views
- added clone page function (for easier page cloning, can be disabled in Theme options -> General)
- fixed sticky header background setting in responsive
- fixed "blank screen" issue in Appearance -> Menu shown if demodata was imported more then once or the import wasn't finished completely.

21 August 2015 – Hotfix v2.3.2

- fix cart icon removal from menu
- fix inline header highlights always using Lato font
- fix duplicate logo in About widget
- fix backwards compatibility for old pricing blocks they are no longer hidden in editor BUT they are hidden from shortcode chooser)
- fix Single Product period value, it can take any string now (removed dropdown) 
- fix Single Product issues if EasyDigitalDownloads plugin is disabled
- fix footer copyrights dissapearing
- fix EDD straight to gateway function for Recurrent products
- remove sticky header clone, it is a single header now

17 July 2015 – Hotfix v2.3.1

 - add Google Fonts to Section Title shortcode (set any font per title you wish)
 - fix left menu not showing if EasyDigitalDownloads plugin is disabled

03 July 2015 – Version 2.3

- add integration with Easy Digital Downloads v2.3.9 (EDD)
- add responsiveness to ALL Easy Digital Download elements
- add EDD connector for Visual Composer as a shortcode
- add 2 product types (recurrents/downloads)
- add Theme option for EDD (Integration tab)
- add recurrent payments processing (can be disabled in Theme options -> Integration)
- add cart to menu (can be disabled in Theme options -> Integration)
- add 3 layouts for downloadable poducts (Material grid, Grid, List)
- add multi thumbnails for products
- add new Single product shortcode (add Custom HTML or insert EDD product directly)
- add WPML support for custom widgets
- add new icon manager (very useful) with more then more then 1000 new icons
- add icon manager buttons/text with icon/icon shortcodes
- add extra class option to button shortcode
- add CSS Editor for padding/margins to buttons
- fixed footer About widget margins
- fix button responsiveness
- fix preloader positioning on mobiles
- fix default page template is now fullwidth one
- fix retina logo container
- fix option to remove notifications about recommended plugins (wasn't dismissable before)
- fix right menu substitution
- update Contact Form to v4.2.1
- update Contact Form DB to v2.9.4
- removed old Pricing table shortcode (no worries, your old ones still should work)
- removed all theme notices  from Visual Composer/Revolution slider in admin
please visit https://startuplywp.com/docs/changelog/ for changelog history

18 October 2014 – Version 1.0

- Initial release